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The links below will enable you to download and view the policies of the Blue Springs Board of Education. These files are presented in the Adobe Acrobat format and will require you to have the Adobe Reader installed on your computer. This free plug-in can be found at To view the files online, simply click the file you wish to see. After downloading, the file will open automatically. If you wish to save these files to your hard disk for viewing later, right click the file and choose "Save Target As..." to download the file to the location of your choice.

The policies of the Blue Springs Board of Education are consistently reviewed. Revisions to current policies and / or new policies are adopted frequently. Every effort is made to ensure that adopted revisions and additions are posted as soon as possible; however, we cannot guarantee that all policies reflect the most current information. If you have questions about specific policies with regard to their current status, please consult the Blue Springs School District at 874-3200 for clarification.

*Before you download, review the following tips about accessing these documents.

If you have a specific area of interest, we suggest first downloading the "Introduction" file. You can then use this file to determine which "Section" you will need to download. For downloading, we have placed, next to each "Section", its file size. These documents are interactive in that you will be able to "jump" to the areas you wish to view. Blue text in the Table of Contents represents links to deeper areas of the document. Questions about installing or using the Adobe Acrobat Reader should be directed to Adobe Support. Questions regarding the policies of the Blue Springs Board of Education may be directed to Karin Keener.

Blue Springs Board of Education Policy



Section 1 - Board Organization

Section 2 - Board General Policies

Section 3A - General Personnel Policies

Section 3B - Administrative Personnel - Certified & Classified

Section 3C - Certified Personnel

Section 3D - Classified Personnel

Section 4 - Use of School Buildings - Grounds - Equipment

Section 5 - Policies Relating to Students

Section 6 - Special Services

Section 7 - Special Education Services