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Connecting your district iPad to your home Wifi and Global Protect


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Global Protect Steps:

You will need to go to the Global Protect application (looks like a Globe) and login using your computer username and password to access the internet (example username: b.martin & password 123456). The steps below will fix an issue if you ever receive an error message stating you cannot connect and need to contact you IT administrator.

Step 1: Find and click on the Settings Icon
Step 2: Go to General on the left column
Step 3: Tap on VPN option on the right column
Step 4: Tap on the little blue "i" with the blue circle around it. 
Step 5: Tap on Delete VPN. 
Step 6: Tap Delete to confirm
Step 7: Tap on the “Home button” at the bottom middle of the iPad
Step 8: Find and tap on Global protect icon
Step 9: Tap Connect
Step 10: Tap on Allow
Step 11: Enter your Students username and password in the appropriate field.
Step 12: Once you have entered your student’s username and password the bar that stats “Complete form to sign in” should change to “Sign In”. You can now tap on sign in. 
Step 13: The next screen you see should be a blue screen that states connected. You should be able to tap on the Home button and open chrome to browse the internet. 

Remember to use the box your iPad came in as a case until the case/keyboards are delivered. (Estimated delivery is in October)

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