Employee of the Month

Jessi Talcott

William Bryant Elementary

February 2024

february 2024 Employee of the monthJessi Talcott is our February Employee of the Month. A kindergarten teacher at William Bryant Elementary, she has 24 years in education, all in the Blue Springs School District.

Jessi started when it was still half-day kindergarten, splitting time between William Bryant and James Walker. In her second year, she taught second grade at WBE, then moved back to kindergarten, where she has been ever since.

As a kindergarten teacher, Jessi creates the foundation for students to love school. She truly knows her students and seeks ways to help them succeed academically, socially, and emotionally by partnering with families to help them achieve their fullest potential.

In addition, Jessi serves in many leadership capacities at William Bryant and throughout the district. She is the leader who works quietly behind the scenes and never seeks recognition. More importantly, she sees the big picture and always advocates for what is best for our school community. Colleagues seek her knowledge and expertise to better serve our students and families. When Jessi speaks, people listen. WBE Literacy Coach Kerrie Nelson said, “Jessi is the most organized teacher I have ever met. She keeps us all on our toes. She is one step ahead of what needs to be done. She has a good attitude and works well with others. I am most impressed by how well she knows her students and their needs. You can rest assured that if your child is in her class, she is doing everything she knows how to help them be the most successful. I enjoy working with her.”

PE Teacher Kurt Lower said, “I’ve always respected how she has such high standards for Kindergarteners and holds her students to those high standards. I go to her when I’m looking for advice on a specific student's behavior. Any student with Mrs. Talcott is very lucky because she will love them and push them to be their very best. She makes WBE a better place, and I enjoy my job a lot more because of her.”

WBE second grade teacher Maggie LaBoube said, “Jessi is a foundation block. As an educator, she is consistent, driven, and compassionate. She dedicates her time to her students, creating relationships and helping them reach their full potential. Jessi is thoughtful and collaborative - with her teammates and all staff. She is intentional, caring, and dedicated to the success of her students and William Bryant."

Second grade teacher Brittni Johnson added, “Jessi is a pillar of the William Bryant family. She cares deeply about the successes of those around her. She has honest, caring conversations with students, families, and colleagues that inspire action while maintaining trust and relationships underpinning it all. Jessi understands the value of connection in all she does. She organizes the annual William Bryant family picnic and has been known to say it is her favorite day of the school year. She plans for months in advance, so all William Bryant families can experience a night to connect and celebrate our Bobcat community.

William Bryant Principal Abbie Swisher said of Jessi, “She is compassionate, and it shows in all her relationships. She is someone who listens with her heart. She is always thoughtful in her responses, making her a safe place for others. She is known for standing up for kids even when they push the limits, making her relationships ones that change lives. Students enter Jessi’s room at many different levels on the first day of school. Some can read, and some don’t know the difference between a letter and a number. By the last day of school, students read and write books, solve math problems, and most importantly, love school.”