Employee of the Month

Melinda Lewis

Thomas Ultican Elementary

June 2024

June 2024 Employee of the MontthThe June Employee of the Month is Melinda Lewis. Melinda is the kitchen manager at Thomas Ultican Elementary and has been with BSSD for 10 years.

Melinda is passionate about her job and ensures that every student is fed and, most importantly, cared for. She is thoughtful and innovative in her approach to supporting students. She has also made the TUE kitchen staff a family through teamwork and inclusion.
BSSD Administrator of Student Wellness & Nutritional Services Brian Harris said of Melinda, “She puts others ahead of herself, especially when it comes to students. We rarely hear anything from her because she takes care of it all. She works well under pressure, runs a clean and efficient kitchen, and puts kids first. She goes out of her way to ensure every kid gets what they need. When you walk in her kitchen you can feel the positive vibe that she has helped create. That radiates out to the cafeteria and the kids.”

oworker Cindy Scassellati said, “Melinda manages the cafeteria really well. We have a lot of work that needs to be done daily, but with her leadership, things run smoothly. She keeps things upbeat and positive. She’s a very kind person and treats everyone fairly and with respect. One of the things I’m most impressed about Melinda is the way she takes care of our students and how they respond to her.”

Secretary Natalie Murdock added, “Melinda CARES for our kids. She will go above and beyond to get every student something they will eat. She even knows kids and their preferences. Sometimes, a student is unable to eat in the cafeteria, and she knows, down to the condiments, what that student will like. She is also incredibly patient with both adults and children.

TUE social worker Terre Yaghoubian said, “Melinda always has a smile on her face, regardless of how stressful the day or situation is. She ensures every child (and staff) is fed before she leaves for the day. She has gone above and beyond to accommodate student needs without hesitation. Melinda often knows when a student needs extra love and food and gives without hesitation. Additional selfless acts include donating her time at the beginning of the school year to participate in Back to School to be available to parents for lunch application assistance, volunteering her freezer/fridge space to allow food donation space for the social worker until delivery, and assisting with staff luncheon setup and cleanup.”

Congratulations to Melinda as the June Employee of the Month.