Employee of the Month

Lori Neumann

Lucy Franklin Elementary

June 2021

Lori Neumann is our June Employee of the Month. Lori is one of our registered nurses and provides services at Lucy Franklin, James Lewis and Sunny Pointe Elementary Schools. Lori always has a smile on her face and a willingness to help. She has a nurse’s heart and works hard to care for all the students and staff she serves.

Sunny Pointe Elementary Principal Cassie Gengelbach noted, “Lori goes above and beyond for all buildings she oversees. Lori is knowledgeable, caring, friendly, and strives to help. She trains school nurses to address school health concerns and the daily clinic tasks. Her nurses are capable and prepared because of her collaboration and guidance. Lori works with building staff to help develop health plans and facilitate conversations about health concerns. Lori has been instrumental in navigating COVID-19 by being a sounding board for building administrators and staff, co-creating building policies, and providing a voice of reason during these unprecedented times.”

Lucy Franklin Principal Seth Shippy said of Lori, “This past year, she trained our new health aide at LFE and has been a mentor to her. She goes above and beyond to ensure her health aides feel comfortable in their new buildings and is always a phone call away - day or night. She has come in after hours to train our Prime Time staff on the numerous medical needs of our students to ensure they are well taken care of. In a position where student safety is always our priority, I always have confidence that Lori will take care of our students and staff. As a building principal, that peace of mind is invaluable.”

James Lewis Principal Liz Talamantez added, “Lori is a caring, engaged nurse who serves the needs of our students, families, and our staff with expertise and compassion. When Lori is at JLE, she is quick to lend a hand when a student comes to the office with an injury or an upset stomach. This year was incredibly challenging as we navigated the guidelines of COVID-19. I could count on Lori to help our health aide in the early days of implementing our Return to Learn guidelines to ensure our school was consistent and safe with every situation. Lori is always on the go, but I never feel like she does not have the time to talk about a concern. I appreciate her balancing her time between her various schools, and I know she goes above and beyond to make sure all of us are well cared for.“

Lisa Kitley is the health aide at Sunny Pointe Elementary and said Lori has been an angel for her and her fellow nurses. “Lori is always there for us no matter what she’s doing. We can call her to ask a simple question or a hard one! We know she loves us like her own family, and we are her ‘angels.’ She’ll answer any question and will come to our clinics to help us. She is also a dear friend. I couldn’t do my job well without Lori. I have learned so much from her - and not just nursing.”

Director Shawn Roderick said, “Lori is the consummate professional, always willing to assist. She is extremely knowledgeable and conscientious yet compassionate in understanding the needs of our students and parents. She works to find solutions and can address some of the most complicated Health Services situations. She cares about every child she serves and is an unbelievable asset to the Health Services Team.”

Congratulations to Lori, our June Employee of the Month.