Requests for Bids and Proposals

BSSD Transportation

Bid Title: 20-21 School Year School Bus Purchase Type C

Bid Information: 1 Type C School Bus

Interest to submit? Please email for all required fillable forms and return all required information to the specifications listed on invitation to bid.

This bid will close March 4, 2021

BSSD Technology


Download the word RFP file, non ADA compliant, and email to


Choose to download the ADA compliant RFP File, complete all forms and email it back to


Download the word RFP file, non ADA compliant, and email to


Choose to download the ADA compliant RFP File, complete all forms and email it back to

Thank you for requesting additional information regarding the RFP for Wireless Access Points from the Blue Springs R-IV School District. Per the RFP questions and answers regarding the RFP will shared with all parties that express interest. Here are the answers to the questions I have received.

Can I schedule a call with you?

  • I want to refrain from phone/in-person conversations that could provide a vendor with an unfair advantage by possibly sharing information not shared with everyone in the RFP or this Q/A. Q/A guidelines from interested vendors are outlined in the RFP.

What are you currently using for authentication?

  • Combination of SSID pass phrase and radius server for machine based identification within AD.

How many years of licensing are you looking for?

  • Five

Please specify what features you are needing on the AP410C.

Please see the RFP to ensure you have all of the necessary documentation and answer the necessary parts by the deadline to ensure you have a complete bid.

Thank you,

Brandon Martin, Director of Technology