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If your child has asthma, severe allergy or anaphylaxis, diabetes, epilepsy or seizure disorder, adrenal insufficiency, or another condition requiring special health procedures or medications, we would ask that you please complete and submit the appropriate form(s) to your student’s building health aide. Completed forms may also be uploaded into PowerSchool in the “Health” section. Contact your student’s health services clinic or building to request copies of the forms, which can either be picked up at the building or emailed. Forms from your healthcare provider are also acceptable.

Below is a list of the forms that can be requested from your school’s health clinic. Some of these forms may be downloaded by visiting the links. These forms are noncompliant. Please contact the health services department for compliant information:

NOTE: Orders for medications and health care procedures will require a signature from a licensed medical provider and a parent/guardian.

If you wish for your student to self-carry and self-administer their medications to treat asthma and/or severe allergy or anaphylaxis, you will need to submit a BSSD Asthma & Anaphylaxis Medication Self-Administration Form along with a treatment plan from the student’s provider.

“Will’s law” has been enacted in the state of MO that outlines the training and care plans that schools will implement for students with epilepsy or seizure disorder at the parent/guardian’s request. We will need to have written orders from the student’s physician (you may use the Seizure Action Plan above) along with a signed release that allows the provider to communicate and share medical information with us in order for a school nurse to develop individualized care plans for your student.

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