Staff Directory

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Central Office

Dr. Jill Brown Assistant Superintendent of Special Services 

Ms. Beth Fuller Director of Special Services

Dr. Greg Johnson              Director of Early Childhood and Special Services

Ms. Mindy Nix Special Services Coordinator 

Dr. Lauren Stutzman Special Services Coordinator 

Ms. Katie Hammond Effective Practices Coordinator 

Mrs. Nikki Shippy 504 Specialist

Mrs. Leslie Manns Administrative Assistant

Mrs. Marisa Barzee Administrative Assistant


Process Coordinators

Tracy Truex BSHS, LTEC-MD (9-12)        [email protected]

Amanda Crews BSSHS, VV        [email protected]

Julia Brush BHMS, DWMS, MRMS [email protected]

Stephanie Clevenger PKMS, FSE, CLE         [email protected]

Beth Milligan CME, JNE, DYE [email protected]

Alex Hart SPE, TUE, WYE, VSE [email protected]

Kurt Luster JLE, JWE, LFE, WBE [email protected]

Shellie Wolfenbarger LTEC ECSE [email protected]


Evaluation Coordinators 

Elizabeth Hooper        High Schools                          [email protected]

Victoria Miller             MRMS, DWMS, PKMS             [email protected]

Michon Blake BHMS, SPE, LTEC-MD        [email protected]

Lynne Dorrance          CLE, FSE, VSE                        [email protected]   

Jennifer Rye               CME, DYE, TUE                     [email protected]

Melissa Starr              JLE, JWE, LFE                        [email protected]

Kaleigh Thomas             JNE, WYE, WBE                       [email protected]


Behavior Analysts and Specialists

Katie Hammond BCBA [email protected]       

Sarah Johnson BCBA [email protected]



Autism Specialists

Jeanne Burgess        District           [email protected]       

Lindsey Fritts            District           [email protected]

Anna Ramos             District           [email protected]


D/HH and VI Coordinator

Christie Nesbitt        District, LTEC        [email protected]       


Assistive Technology Specialist

Emily White          District, LTEC          [email protected]       


504 Coordinators

 Kathryn Meuschke            BSHS        10th grade  [email protected]

Jordan Pannett                 BSHS         11th grade [email protected]

Brooke Herrera BSHS      12th grade [email protected]

Karl Martens               BSSHS         9th grade [email protected]     

Karla Neff                        BSSHS              10th grade       [email protected]

Kate Kraybill                    BSSHS              11th grade       [email protected] 

Kevin Thomas                  BSSHS              12th grade       [email protected]

Becky Stanton VV         9-10th & 12th [email protected]

Nicole Watkins                 VV         8th & 11th [email protected]


Laura Mermelstein            BHMS       6th grade    [email protected]

Brianna Lock                    BHMS     7th grade       [email protected]

Tim Marshall BHMS 8th grade [email protected] 

Ashleigh Adkins DWMS                                   [email protected]

Julianna Cunningham        DWMS                                   [email protected]

Marla Hahn                      DWMS                                   [email protected]

Erica Millay                     MRMS                         

Danielle Wimmler MRMS 6th grade [email protected]

Angela Sullivan MRMS 7th grade [email protected]

Kelly Tovar MRMS 8th grade [email protected]

Dan Hicks                        PKMS                                    [email protected]

Alesha Buccero               PKMS                                    [email protected]

Jaymie Block                    PKMS                                    [email protected]


Amy DeVorss                 CLE                                       [email protected]

Ashley Long                    CLE                                       [email protected]

Ashley Fenwick         CME [email protected]

Alexis Dye                      CME                                      [email protected]

Georgianna Hardin            DYE                                      [email protected]

Marisa House              FSE                                       [email protected]

Dawn Hartman                JLE                                       [email protected]


Mary Beth Burkhart          JWE                                       [email protected]

Ariel Posey                      JWE                                      [email protected]

Nicole McQuerry               JNE                             

Courtney Steele               LFE                                        [email protected]

Tosha Todd                      LFE                                       [email protected]

Ann Gibler                      SPE                                       [email protected]

Ashley Smith                SPE                                       [email protected]

Ashli Martin                    TUE                                      [email protected]

Stephanie Gallaher VSE [email protected]

Kerri Sachtleben-Mears      VSE [email protected]

Lisa Lisec                        WBE                                     [email protected]

Chasity Merritt               WBE                                     [email protected]

Leslie Basye                     WYE                                     [email protected]