RevTrak Instructions

RevTrak Home Screen

RevTrak is an online payment system where parents and guardians can pay student obligations, extra fees or make donations. To use RevTrak, an account must be created with an active email and a password. Please review the list of steps:

1.) Visit the RevTrak link and create a new account if you do not have one.

2.) The menu options are shown above with categories in white text in each box. If you have current student obligations, please select "Student Obligations" in RevTrak as shown in the upper left box. 

The first time you login, the parent or guardian Parent Portal account screen will appear. After logging into Parent Portal the first time, you will not have to login to Parent Portal the next time.

3.) If student has an obligation, this obligation will appear after the parent or guardian logs in. 

Next, "Add To Cart" by selecting the Add to Cart button. 

If parent or guardian would like to make a partial payment, change the number in the payment.

For either full or partial payment, "Add To Cart."

4.) If parent or guardian chooses to purchase other items, select "Continue Shopping." Otherwise, choose "Checkout," enter payment information, and "Submit."