Employee of the Month

Hannah Kratz

Delta Woods Middle School

December 2021

December 2021 Employee of the Monthour December Employee of the month, Hannah Kratz. Hannah is a custodian at Delta Woods Middle School and has been with the district for seven years.

Hannah is always the first person to act in any situation. She will drop whatever she is doing to ensure the staff and students at DWMS have what they need. Hannah smiles in even the most difficult of situations. Her level of motivation and pride in her work is something all of us should envy.

Delta Woods Principal Damon Weatherspoon said Hannah’s attitude and work ethic are second to none.

“Not only is her work ethic top-notch, and attention to detail on point, the way she positively interacts with students and staff is unmatched,” he said. “Her ability to extract a smile out of any of us that are having a bad day is certainly a gift of hers. When this is coupled with the high quality of work she produces, you get a colleague that we all admire.”
Delta Woods custodian Scott Cunningham said Hannah made him feel welcome as a new member of the Gators family. “I was new at DWMS, and Hannah was there to help me acclimate to a new setting. She was never frustrated or condescending, just caring and team-oriented. I cannot think of a better way to have started my new position than having Hannah show me the ropes.”

Delta Woods assistant principal Brooke Enright said Hannah makes the school a better place with her attitude and energy. “Hannah knows what it takes to be a Gator, and she is always an example of the Gator Way,” she said. “From the start of the day until her shift is completed, she displays a level of energy that is contagious and makes all of us better people.”
Physical Education teacher Stephanie Burasco said Hannah being named Employee of the Month is a worthy honor and the perfect “thank you” for all she does.

“Hannah greets me each morning but always ends it with a “Let me know if you need anything today.” She is a phenomenal person to have here at Delta Woods.”