Employee of the Month

Rhonda Stafford

Thomas Ultican Elementary

March 2021

Rhonda Stafford March Employee of the Month 2021Rhonda Stafford is the March Employee of the Month. Rhonda is the secretary at Thomas Ultican Elementary and has been with the district for seven years. She is the first face people see or first voice they hear when entering or calling Thomas Ultican. Rhonda quickly reassures families that their children will be well-loved and cared for while at TUE. She is personable and quickly builds relationships with families.

Rhonda is the lifeline for each staff member. She is the first person staff call when they need help - whether it is a sub, help with the copier, a budget question, or a word of encouragement. Rhonda is the friendly face and voice of care and encouragement that we each need every day.

Thomas Ultican Principal Abbie Swisher said, “Rhonda is my right hand and ensures that TUE is running smoothly. I have had the honor to work alongside Rhonda for the last seven years, and she has become more than a colleague but a friend. TUE is the place it is because of Rhonda, and we are all better because of her.”

Many TUE staff members expressed their appreciation of all Rhonda does for students and our school district every day. Hillary Anwander said, “Rhonda always goes above and beyond to help everyone. She is always looking out for the students and staff, wanting what is best for everyone. She does everything with a smile and always makes time for you, no matter how busy she is!”

Regina Straub said of Rhonda, “If I had to describe Rhonda in one word, I would say ‘problem- solver.’ When it comes to securing sub jobs for teachers, easing worried parents who cannot remember lunch times, calming sad children, managing the money that comes to the office for field trips/lunches/yearbooks and jeans days - all while trying to eat her lunch in between answering the front door, ringing telephones, calls on walkie-talkies and intercoms - somehow, Rhonda always finds a way to solve these problems, and she does it well.”
Megan Watkins added, “Rhonda has been the secretary for my entire career here. I remember being brand new, not knowing what I was doing, and being exhausted. Rhonda always went the extra mile to help me, never once getting frustrated with my lack of knowledge on how things worked. She continues to be that person for our building, always helping and having a great attitude.”

Congratulations to Rhonda, our March Employee of the Month.