Requests for Bids and Proposals

BSSD Information and Public Relations

Mass Messaging RFP 2021

Download the ADA compliant RFP invitation to bidAll bids are due on February 10, 2021

BSSD Technology

VOIP Phone Service

Download the 2020 Local Phone Service Specifications, and ADA compliant PDF. Please review the questions below before submitting a bid.

Questions to Consider

1. What is the average monthly long distance usage or minutes?
BSSD averages 8,500 minutes per month.

2. Does the district have a toll free number?
BSSD does not have any toll-free numbers.

3. Are businesses expected to provide the SIP Trunks or is the district using local telecom for that portion?
BSSD is aware that some vendors are not able to bid the POTS lines. Please feel free to submit your bid for the parts your company does service.

4. Can BSSD provide a listing of all DIDS/TNS to be ported for validation purposes?
Yes, after the selection process concludes, the selected business will receive a listing.

5. What is the average Long-Distance Minutes of Use?
8,500 minutes per month.

6. Is LD utilization primarily domestic U.S.?
Yes, LD utilization is primarily U.S.

Is the selected vendor required to provide an IP connection, or will the customer utilize an existing Internet connection?

a. If vendor provided, will it need to be private or Internet?

b. If Internet, how much Internet bandwidth is desired, above and beyond the bandwidth needed for the voice services?
Please provide recommendation for the purpose of VOIP only.

c. If existing, customer-provided Internet:
1. Who is the current Internet vendor?
2. What is the speed of the connection?

What is BSSD's expected completion timeline?
BSSD expectation would be 30 days after the completion of the private internet pipe connection. 

If additional questions about the bid arise, email Kathy Bartow at