Technology FAQ

Student Schoology Tips

1. You will be able to login to Schoology by going to
2. It should login you in automatically if you are signed into a district computer.
3. If it does not automatically log you into the platform, you will log in with your Microsoft O365 login username and password (this will be the same login you use for your computer with the
4. If you are on a personal computer a student will log in with their O365 credentials.

If Teams meeting or any other link is not working in Schoology (frowning face), the image below will result:

Image of Team meeting not working successfully

1. Click on the link at the top and it should open the meeting or other link. In this example where it has 9:30 Morning Meeting as a hyperlink.
2. This should allow them in and take them to this screen




Ipad Global Protect

1. Open global protect icon and Tap to Connect
2. If it does not connect then open settings
3. Click General
4. Select VPN on the right pane
5. Find GlobalProtect
6. Click the blue “i”
7. Delete VPN
8. Go back to global protect icon and tap to connect
9. It should then prompt for a username and password
10. The username is the students email login without the (example a.smith1)
11. The password is their lunch number
12. It should connect and have them click the school folder on iPad and select Schoology login.

Surface Go Global Protect

1. Make sure they click on the Wi-Fi button and connect to home internet.
2. Check if they are on a hotspot or not (some hotspots have issues with connecting to vpn)
3. After they are connected to the internet click the up arrow and select the globe.

Portal sign up picture

4. This should take them to the portal sign in where they will use their o365 credentials. 

5. If this does not popup they will need to do a hard reset (hold the machine down for 30 seconds) until it shuts down
6. Then repeat the steps above.
7. If these steps do not work please restart, before you login disconnect and reconnect to Wi-Fi. Then login.

Yoga Think Pad Camera not working

1. Open the camera app and see if it is working
2. If it is not then they will have to swap out the device at their building

Yoga Think Pad Sound not working

1. Check to make sure the correct output device is set in teams.
2. Make computer device is not set to mute.
3. Hard Reset the computer twice in a row (hold the computer power down for 30 sec) unplug all headphones:

a. Hard Reset
b. Turn on Device
c. Before logging in Hard Reset again with no headphones in

4. If the settings on the device opens and closes and they can not change the output devices they will have to bring in the device for a tech to change the output device option