Prime Time

The Blue Springs School District’s Prime Time Program provides high quality before school, after school, and full-day service in a safe and nurturing environment that supports children, youth, parents, and the community. To assure sustainability, the program is fee-based with weekly tuition covering all operating costs, including field trips and special activities. As a result of being fee-based, scholarships and/or subsidies are not offered. Service is available August through May at the district’s 13 elementary schools and during the summer at designated locations. Prime Time expands and enriches learning opportunities through social, recreational, and personal life skills development. Prime Time partners with the home and community, offers a wide variety of experiences, and affords families service within the convenient confines of their resident school.

School Year Tuition Charges

Registration Fee – $40.00 per student

Weekly Rate:

  • A.M. & P.M. Care – $60.00 for the 1st student per family $50.00 for the 2nd student per family
  • A.M. or P.M. Care – $50.00 for the 1st student per family $45.00 for the 2nd student per family

Full-Day/Auxiliary Fees

  • A.M. & P.M. Service – $13.00 additional per day per student
  • A.M. or P.M. Service – $15.00 additional per day per student

Extra Session – $15.00 additional per session per student (subject to space availability)

Prime Time Program

To enroll in Prime Time, please go to Eleyo, our Prime Time Management System.


Prime Time Summer Journey

2020 Summer  Journey Sites:

  • Chapel Lakes (grades PK-1)/Delta Woods (grades 2-4)
  • James Lewis
  • James Walker
  • Franklin Smith
  • John Nowlin
  • Thomas Ultican
  • Lucy Franklin
  • William Bryant

For more information about Prime Time Summer Journey or to enroll, please go to Eleyo, our Prime Time Management System.

Hours of Operation

Before School

6:30 a.m. until starting bell

After School
Dismissal bell to 6:00 p.m.

6:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. during events such as Parent/Teacher Conferences, winter and summer break periods, and weather closure days

Site Leads

Chapel Lakes
Erin Kleine / (816) 874-3608 / Email Erin Kleine

Nicole Lewis / (816) 874-3617 / Email Nicole Lewis

Daniel Young
Tanner Forbes / (816) 874-3633 / Email Tanner Forbes

Franklin Smith
Eric Horn / (816) 874-3647 / Email Eric Horn

James Lewis
Amy King / (816) 874-3653 / Email Amy King

James Walker
Janice Smith / (816) 874-3668 /Email Janice Smith

John Nowlin
Lindsey Williams / (816) 874-3676 / Email Lindsey Williams

Lucy Franklin
Daniel Sikorski / (816) 874-3696 / Email Daniel Sikorski

Sunny Pointe
Joey Young / (816) 874-3705 / Email Joey Young

Thomas Ultican
Marc Bass / (816) 874-3716 / Email Marc Bass

Voy Spears
Missy Hayes / (816) 874-3728 / Email Missy Hayes

William Bryant
Janet Crosby / (816) 874-3737 / Email Janet Crosby

William Yates
Jessica Anderson / (816) 874-3746 / Email Jessica Anderson