• Welcome to the 2017-2018 school year!  
    • On Monday, August 21, 2017, students and staff throughout the Blue Springs School District will experience an incredible sight. The district is fortunate enough to be in the path of totality for the All American Total Solar Eclipse. On that day, millions of people across the United States will share in the opportunity to see one of nature’s most historic scientific moments.  Students and staff in Blue Springs will be provided eclipse glasses to safely view the phenomenon.  The glasses have been purchased from American Paper Optics, LLC and have been certified as safe by the American Astronomical Society and NASA for use during the total solar eclipse.  Students will also have the opportunity to participate in a variety of classroom learning experiences, tied to the Missouri Learning Standards to better understand the eclipse event.

      The last time the Kansas City area was near totality was over 200 years ago in 1806.  Due to the amount of land coverage in the United States, this eclipse has the potential to be the most viewed total solar eclipse in the history of the world!

      Solar Eclipse Glasses

      The Blue Springs School District is providing solar eclipse glasses for all students and staff on August 21. The glasses are from American Paper Optics, LLC and have been certified as safe by the American Astronomical Society and NASA.   

      Student Solar Eclipse Participation

      If you do not want your student to participate in the viewing, download, complete and return the attached form to your student's teacher.  

    You can now use the link below to apply for free/reduced lunches for the 2016-2017 school year. 

175 Day Project 2016-2017

  • Post 27

    We made three d shapes out of gumdrops and tooth picks by counting vertices and edges.

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  • Post 26

    So in 5th grade we are learning about our history like the Louisiana Purchase, Oregon Trail, presidents and about what they did, and about some of the wars that happened too. It's pretty cool learning about what happened in the past because you...

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  • Post 25

    I think kids need more coding time for these reasons. First as we advance in technology more and more jobs involve coding. Can you think of your favorite video game? Lets say it's Minecraft and you have a mod idea. You can make it with a bit of coding. Did you ever...

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