Students of the Month for May


Students of the Month!!!

 Hailee lara


Hailee Lara – nominated by Ryan Messick and Janis Schuberth

Hailee demonstrates the best of South.  She is involved with many clubs and activities that promote unity and diverse viewpoints in a time that can best be described as divisive and sectarian.  Hailee participates in an inaugural internship with Ultrax this year, helping to create parts for the U.S. Government, and she has found another internship that deals with pharmaceuticals that she is going to start in June.  She also took part in a senior showcase from her efforts with the PLTW Biomed and Engineering programs, being the first student to complete both programs with four years in each.  Hailee exemplifies the values that we want to see in students, and she is a helpful and positive person to have in class.  I cannot think of someone better to serve as a shining example of what we encourage our students to become than Hailee.

thomas wons  


Thomas Wons – nominated by Stephanie Ladd

Thomas Wons is one of a kind! In class, Thomas is always prepared to listen, question, and actively engage in his own learning. He has taken some of the most rigorous classes we offer and he has done well in them. Thomas works hard to ensure that any project, from a simple homework assignment to a DECA International presentation is done at the highest quality possible. The work ethic that makes Thomas a model student serves him well playing soccer. When you see Thomas on the field, sideline, or at practice you watch a leader in action. He models hard work as well as being encouraging to his teammates. Thomas is also an integral part of South's outstanding DECA team. Just this past week, he and his teammate won first place in their event at the International DECA competition! If you get to know Thomas, you find that he exhibits the Jaguar core values of integrity, respect, sportsmanship, and leadership in his everyday life. Thomas is a terrific young man and represents the best of the students we have at BSSHS.


What an excellent example of what it means to be a positive member of the Jaguar community.  Congratulations to both of these outstanding students!