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Day 67


This weekend I went to Yogurtini and found out that they had my story hung up on their bulletin board.....IT WAS REALLY SURPRISING because I went with my whole family and I didn't know if it was the right Yogurtini.  We went to the one we always go to.  SO we walked inside and saw my story hanging there....with the envelope I sent it in.  It was really surprising because I thought we went to the wrong Yogurtini and it turns out we didn't.  
The letter I sent was an assignment from Mrs. Boyd.  The whole class participated in it so we all had to send letters to our favorite restaurant.  IT was really cool because some of the restaurants sent stuff back to the class like coupon cards or food or thank you notes. I kept wondering what happened to my note and apparently it got sent all the way there and was hung up. 
This is a picture of my letter hung up at the Adam's Dairy Yogurtini! 

Naveah, 4th Grade Student