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Day 65

Did you know that Friday, April 10th was #LoveMySchoolDay in the Twitter world?  Well, I didn't either but Friday night my Twitter feed was inundated with #LoveMySchoolDay tweets.  Here is the inspiration behind the #LoveMySchoolDay challenge.  

It's hard to articulate the happiness and joy that just one school day, better yet one minute brings when you are working with kids. We try to capture some of the magic in our 175 Days of Learning Blog. Rereading our 64 posts confirms the amazing things that are happening inside the walls of SPE. If you haven't read some of our stories, I hope you check it out.  Simply Amazing.  
Our latest building project came in the form of a music video.  Our entire staff came together to make this happen. From our music teacher writing and recording the lyrics to our Prime Time coordinator providing costumes to our teachers rocking out and to Staci for editing and turning our dream into a reality...THIS was a major undertaking.  And what was it all for?  
More specifically, we know our students will do well on their state and district assessments and they will do well in life! 
"I’ll be doin’ this, if you ever doubt. It’s what I’m all about, what I’m all about. I got my mind made up and I can’t let go. I’m taking every second, I know that’s my role. I’ll be focused, I’ll be working. It’s what I’m all about, what I’m all about. Then we’ll have some fun, when we shut it down. It’s what we’re all about, what we’re all about!"

We know you’ll ROCK! #LoveMySchoolEveryday

What I’m All About (to One Republic’s “Love Runs Out”) 

What I'm All About from The Blue Springs School District on Vimeo.

Cassie Gengelbach, Assistant Principal