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Day 58

Are you in the mood for a good mystery?  You're in luck!  Aidan learned how to write a mystery story during writer's workshop.  He took the time to type his story and share with you all.  Enjoy!

The 3 little girls and the missing toy box

One day the 3 little girls were playing in there toy box. Then it was bed time so they all went to sleep. When they woke up the toy box was missing. The toy is (gone)?! What happen to it? I don’t know. We have to find it. When they got to school  they ask everyone in the school but no buddy has seen it accept for Aidan. He found a piece of a toy. They asked him where he found it. He said he found it on the side walk to north street. That’s where the toy shop is. Lets go we might find it there. When they got there they saw the toy box. It’s in that truck. It’s starting to move! Lets follow it. When they tried to catch it they got tired and could not catch it. Lukily wheel prints came off of them so they knew were it was going. It led to the workshop were all the toys are made

There it is lets follow it. It’s going to that pit of (LAVA)! We have to get it! Just then they found a poepoe stick and a power switch we use it to shut down the workshop then they got the toy back and they were happy. The end.

Aidan, Third Grade Student