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Day 56

Everyday Heroes
Sometimes January and February are the worst not my favorite months of the year.  I was looking for a picture on my camera the other day and realized that even though these are not my favorite months, amazing things are happening.  Even on the coldest of days, I am reminded that our students, parents, and teachers are heroes...everyday heroes.
"Everyday people do
Everyday things but I
Can't be one of them
I know you hear me now
We are a different kind
We can do anything
We could be heroes
Me and you" 
We have students that are illustrators and authors.  We have students that are here every single day.  They are heroes.
Writing   attendance    
We have teachers that design lessons for students to solve real-world problems.  We have students that accept this challenge and go far beyond what we expected.  We have teachers that create experiences outside of the classroom for our students to show the world their talent.  We have students that get to shine at PTA performances, Maverick's nights, and at BSHS basketball games.  They are heroes.
PTLW    mavericks                                          
We have teachers that provide and students that get to experience the joy and responsibilities that go along with taking care of an animal.  We have parents volunteering to turn our gym into a Valentine's Day extravaganza.  We have parents, students, and teachers that get to enjoy this special event together.  They are heroes.  
  class pet    vday  
We have teachers, our counselor, and our social worker reading books like The Recess Queen.  We have students learning important life lessons from these books.  We have a PTA that helps fund field trips so our 2nd grade students were able to go to the Kauffman Center of Performing Arts.  They are heroes.    
recess queen    symphony
We have students like Amaya who wrote a book about her classroom family during writer's workshop.  She wrote one page about each classmate and his or her greatest qualities.  We have students like Exavier that go out of their way to help another student clean-up a spill at lunch, because it's the right thing to do not because someone asked them to. They are heroes.  
"Anybody's got the power
They don't see it
Because they don't understand
Spin around and run for hours
You and me we got the world in our hands
We are a different kind
We can do anything 
All we're looking for is love and a little light
Love and a little light
We could be heroes" 
- Heroes by Alesso 
While I am excited for the extended daylight that spring brings, I am reminded of the love and light that surrounds me each day.  Thank you to the teachers that find the love and light in their students each day.  Thank you to the parents that find the love and light in their child each day.  And thank you to our students that find the love and light in their schoolmates each day.  Because of our everyday heroes, I know where to look for happiness in January and February...right in front of me!        
Cassie Gengelbach, Assistant Principal