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Day 55

We've waited all year for this moment! We made our "bucket list" on the first day of school for things we wanted to happen; simple pleasures in life. We have anxiously been waiting for big, beautiful snowflakes to fall so that we could step outside and feel the magic of catching snowflakes on our tongues with all of our best friends. You see when you spend more than a 100 days with a group of people in a room, something magical become more than become a school family.  So today we bundled up and went outside for just a few minutes and enjoyed being seven and eight years old and experiencing childhood joy with shouts of laughter and lots of giggles and in these few brief moments.....we jumped for JOY.  I tell them each day, "you only get to be a second grader once!" It was another great day at Sunny Pointe Elementary in Room 206.

snow day    snow day
Lisa Andrews, 2nd Grade Teacher