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Day 53

     Today our classroom was transformed into a mock Congress.  We have been researching the 3 branches of government focusing on how a bill becomes a law.  In order to help our understanding, we decided to put our learning into practice.  Our class divided into the House of Representatives and Senate.  Our first task was to write a bill.  Our proposed bill was “The classes at Sunny Pointe Elementary will be required to decorate their classrooms for the following holidays: Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day.” After the bill was proposed, each member had to write an opinion in favor or in opposition of the bill.  This led to a friendly debate within the House and Senate.  It passed in both the House and Senate by a narrow margin.  Once passed the bill needed to be signed by President Goos before it could become a law.  There were celebratory cheers as the bill was signed!  This process brought the legislative system to life for the students.

      This was a proud moment for me as a teacher.  It was so exciting to see the students engaged throughout the whole process as we connected reading, writing, and social studies together.  Students were learning cooperatively, while problem solving and having scholarly conversations.  I know for me it was a moment I will remember for a lifetime!

pass a bill    pass a bill
Rochelle Schroeder, 3rd Grade Teacher