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Day 52

 school of econ Hello!  We are going to tell you about our trip to the School of Economics.  We are also going to talk about what we learned.
   Some of the things we learned were how to endorse a check, that the President and Vice President are very busy, and the way the bank makes money is by charging interest.  
   You have to endorse a check because it is to authorize the bank and allow them to give the customers cash.
   The President and Vice President are very busy busy because we had to stamp passports and sign many things.  We also went to an owners meeting.  
   We had a ton of papers to be signed and delivered.  It was also hard work to keep them all organized.  
   It's excellent to have profit because you need it for your bank and to pay for your employees.  Without profit, the bank would go out of business.  
   All in all it was a fun day.  We got to interact with other students and learned many things about banking. 
Avery and Raelee, 5th Grade Students