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Day 51

Careers Week 2014

Sunny Pointe Elementary celebrated our 8th year of careers week. During the week, students watched videos, explored websites with careers information, played games, and had writing assignments with a careers focus. Our focus for careers week this year was STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. We put an emphasis on careers in these areas. We also explored how these subjects are used in various careers. Some of our classrooms spent extra time focusing on these 4 areas as well. We had students on computers coding and doing engineering projects.

You might be asking yourself why we put such an emphasis on career education at the elementary school level. Here are a few reasons why we start encouraging career awareness so early.
Children may do better in school if they can see how education is connected to a successful future. You can help your child:

  • Discover the variety of jobs available to him or her;
  • Connect what he or she is learning in school to real-world situations;
  • Begin viewing himself or herself in an occupation; and
  • Develop work-readiness skills such as working in teams, making decisions, solving problems and being a leader.

As part of our classroom counseling lessons, we explored some careers websites. Here are the ones we visited. (this is good for upper grades, you have to login as a guest to access the site)

We ended our week with a day of guest speakers. Thanks to all who helped us make this week awesome! Here’s who visited!


Christian Thinel – Missouri Mavericks hockey player

Jeff Jewell - BSSD police officer

1st grade

Kindra Van Hoesen – medical technician

Amanda Kennedy – CNA

Clayton Burns – business owner

Everett Collier – laborer instructor

Stephan Law – audio engineer

Shelly Beel – pharmacist

Kent Bergman – computer programmer

2nd grade

Ryan Matt – owner of Matt Ford auto sales

Brea Collins – paralegal

Mark Collins – mechanical engineer

Teressa Smith – pediatric hematology/oncology nurse

Sara Boswell – software engineer

Jeff Hart – KC Director – Project Hope

Steven Erickson – UMB banker

Tracie Whiting Kipper – translator/interpreter

Jason Gardner – architect

3rd Grade

Jason Cobb – firefighter

4th Grade

Jay Gengelbach and Kelly – Google hangout session from Boulder, Colorado

Adam Alsup – engineer

5th Grade

Tom Rusk – architectural engineer

Kyle Gehrs – Astros minor league baseball player

Eddie Saffell – CJC Assistant fire chief

Verdis Green – KCPL electrician

Tosha Todd, School Counselor