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Paradise Park Staff Mini-Grant 

Mission of the Blue Springs Education Foundation

To enhance the excellent programs and instruction synonymous with the Blue Springs School District and provide assistance for student success in the K-12 experience and beyond.

Purpose of the Mini-Grants

Paradise Park and BSEF know that students, staff, and classrooms have needs for supplies and small monetary requests, therefore the mini-grants are now available to ease the burden of expense from staff and increase opportunity for students.


Any teacher, administrator, or academic support staff person employed by the Blue Springs School District is eligible to apply.

Staff Grant requests should not exceed $200, although it is recommended requests stay at or below $100. These requests must be for projects or programs for which there is not funding available by other school resources or parent groups.

The purposed project or program must support and may supplement the current district curriculum, but it cannot replace them.

Grant Guidelines

To Maintain anonymity, please do not use staff or school names to answer application questions. You may use names on the cover page.

Application Process

All Classroom mini-grant applications are due February 24, 2021.

Review and Approval Process

The application must be reviewed and approved by the applicant's principal or supervisor. Approval will be verified by the signature on the cover page.

Once submitted the applications will be reviewed by the Deputy Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction to ensure compliance with district initiatives.

If approved all applications will be anonymously scored by the Grants Committee. The Grants Committee may consist of parents, district personnel, and BSEF board members.

Grants Funded

Grant recipients will be required to submit all receipts along with a final grant report. If final costs come in under the proposed amount, the payment overage must be submitted to the Education Foundation.

Recipients may be asked to make a brief presentation to the Blue Springs Education Foundation Board of Directors, and by submitting the application you agree to make any necessary arrangements for this requirement.


If you have additional questions please connect with Katie Woolf, Executive Director of the Education Foundation. Katie can be reached at 816-874-3214 or .


Paradise Park Mini-Grant Application