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Net Gains
Posted on 01/15/2021
Dig Pink Teams raise money for cancer organizationsThe Blue Springs High School Wildcats and Blue Springs South Jaguars met in the annual Dig Pink volleyball match this fall to raise money for local cancer organizations. Through their combined efforts, the Jaguars and Wildcats raised $12,245.65 to help support the Stephanie Vest Foundation during an emotional rivalry matchup. This tradition is an example of two high schools working together to raise money for worthy causes during Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Blue Springs South Reflections

“Dig Pink means I’m playing for the people that are fighting their battle with cancer and the people that have lost their life to cancer. It warms my heart that I can play in a volleyball game that means so much to everyone.” —Senior Kylie Gregory

“I take it as an honor to play in the Dig Pink game. This event was established to bring awareness to breast cancer and the other devastating illnesses that are prevalent in our world. So having the privilege to play and bring happiness to the many fighters and survivors who have had to endure more than we could know is held with esteemed regard. My Jaguar family and I acknowledge the individuals we play for and hope to represent them with respect and importance at such a legendary event.” —Senior Tamia McClunie

“Dig Pink is so much more than a volleyball game. It is playing your best to honor people who fight against a terrible disease. It is about raising money and awareness and showing people who fight for their life that they are not alone.” —Senior Aubrey LaPour

Blue Springs High School Reflections

“It’s an honor to participate in the Dig Pink game every year to represent and play for those with cancer. Personally, fighting for a win during the game represents my family members fight to beat cancer. I loved being able to participate in the event every year and I’m going to miss it a lot after I graduate.” —Senior Evie Smith

“What it means for me to play in the Dig Pink game is playing for a cause. You’re not just playing to win anymore, you’re playing to help raise awareness to everyone there, the influence of this disease. Normally, we get to have a big fundraiser with baskets and decorations and it’s so exciting seeing people bid on them and knowing that money goes to an amazing family who needs that help. I have had several family members affected by this disease and knowing this game helps bring attention to them warms my heart.”
—Senior Brittany Whetstone: