Updated Fall School Option FAQ

Updated Fall School Options FAQ
Posted on 07/23/2020
Fall School Options FAQ

Updated Frequently Asked Questions

Special Services FAQ

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Below is a list of common questions our community members have expressed and answers from the district. Please know we will continue to update and clarify these concerns as more information becomes available. Some questions cannot be answered at this time as further planning and direction from state and local agencies is necessary. We will continue to do our best to communicate the most current and updated information as it becomes available.

Can we switch from In-Person School to BSSD Distance Learning at any point during the semester?

Students may move from In-Person School to BSSD Distance Learning at any time. If students have selected BSSD Distance Learning, they will continue to learn from home from August-December 2020.

I am not receiving district emails.

Please email Barb Bush at bbush@bssd.net and include your student’s name. She will troubleshoot and resolve the issue for you.

My student will be new in the fall. How do I enroll my child?

Please visit the new student enrollment webpage. 

 What will social distancing look like? Class size? Distance between students? Transitioning in hallways? Supervision of students to maintain protocols?

If the district is not mandated by Jackson County or some other entity to social distance, we will continue to distance students whenever possible. Our ability to social distance depends on the number of students who elect to return to school. We will maintain social distance guidelines while walking the hallways, during bathroom breaks, and eating lunch. Students will be taught how and why it is important we socially distance whenever possible; however, we know that certain student populations, including our youngest learners, will struggle with the concept and their self-control. District staff will do their best to supervise and reinforce the necessary safety precautions with our students.

What will the district cleaning procedures look like if I select in-person learning?

We understand the importance of providing a germ-free environment. Our custodians have been trained on advanced disinfecting techniques with additional emphasis placed on bathrooms, common areas, classrooms, and desktops.

Are CTC classes going to be offered in BSSD Distance Learning?

If you are enrolled in CTC, distance-learning courses are not available. All CTC courses will meet in-person.

Are Advanced Placement (AP) classes available if I choose BSSD Distance Learning?

AP courses will be available with both options.

How can A+ hours be earned if I select distance learning?

Students participating in BSSD Distance Learning will still have the option of participating in the A+ program. Please contact your coordinator in August for more details.

Can students be enrolled in a combo of distance learning and some in-person classes? For example, select CTC classes for in-person and then distance learning for other courses?

This is only a possibility for students enrolled in AIM or CTC courses.

How do I access my child’s student ID number?

It is likely your child knows his/her identification number if you ask them what their “lunch number” is. However, if they do not, it’s not a problem. The question is not required on the form, and you may leave that question blank. 

If I have an incoming kindergarten student, what does the enrollment process look like?

We are excited to welcome our new kindergarten students this fall. If you did not enroll your child this past spring for kindergarten, please visit the new enrollment link webpage

Will honors and AP courses be offered in the distance learning option?

Yes, honors and AP courses will be provided in the distance learning option.

What will the lunch process look like?

Lunch will take place with every effort to maintain social distancing guidelines in the cafeteria or the classroom.

What will the PE class structure look like?

Students who participate in PE will engage in physical activities that will allow for social distancing.

If more than 70% of students select in-person school, will all students who select in-person be able to attend if that number exceeds 70 percent selecting the in-person option?

If social distancing is not mandated (as it is in summer school currently), the Blue Springs School District is committed to opening school for all students Monday-Friday. However, if social distancing is mandated and over 70% of our students opt to return to school, we will be forced to come up with alternate plans to educate all of our students. At this time, we do not yet know how that might look, but keep in mind you may switch from In-Person School to BSSD Distance Learning at any time.

Will all students in grades 3-12, including in-person students, receive a device?

Yes. The district will contact parents about device distribution for virtual and in-person students.

Will the 2nd semester plan include the same learning options?

The district is prepared to offer both educational options for the second semester if necessary.

What is considered well-checks? What specifically does that involve?

Our staff take great pride in their relationships with students and already do a great job of identifying students who may be feeling ill. Additionally, all teachers and staff will be trained on the signs and symptoms of COVID-19. Teachers will check-in with all students throughout the day to make sure everyone is feeling well and ready to learn. Specific information about our procedures for how we will respond if a student or staff member is COVID-19 positive or shows COVID-19 symptoms are currently being developed. 

Will MS and HS students selecting in-person have a passing time and switch classes?

Due to the nature of the comprehensive high school schedule, it is not practical to remain in one classroom throughout the day. Students in middle school and high school will move from class to class, and masks are required unless the student is medically exempt. You will likely see passing times modified to allow for more social distancing.

Can students who select BSSD Distance Learning participate in school clubs?


What will it look like if my child rides the bus?

Students riding the bus will be required to wear a mask. If possible, families are encouraged to drop-off and pickup their student(s) daily.

If we choose distance learning, can my child participate in choir, band, or orchestra?

Based on student enrollment, we will offer these courses virtually. There may be some additional requirements for students to perform/compete.

Are all courses available via BSSD Distance Learning?

Our goal is to provide all courses virtually. Due to enrollment, co-curricular classes (i.e. band, orchestra, choir) will be offered virtually. There may be some additional requirements for students to perform/compete. All CTC, STA and 3-hour block programs require in-person attendance.

Are BSSD Distance Learning Students required to be at their computer at certain times during the day?

BSSD Distance Learners will receive a schedule, schoolwork due dates, and expectations from their teacher(s). Teachers will hold some live lessons throughout the week. All lessons will be recorded and archived so that a student may watch it when they are available. BSSD Distance Learning schoolwork may be completed on the student's/family's timeline, as long as the student can complete their coursework by the expected due date.

Will there continue to be curbside lunch provided for students who choose distance-learning?

For students who qualify for free or reduced lunch, curbside lunch will be available through BSSD Distance Learning.

Will there be Prime Time in the fall?

Yes. You can register for fall Prime Time now by visiting Prime Time on our district website.

Special Services FAQ

Below is a list of common questions regarding Special Services, and answers from the district. Please know we will continue to update and clarify these concerns as more information becomes available. Some questions cannot be answered at this time as further planning and direction from state and local agencies is necessary. We will continue to do our best to communicate the most current and update information as it becomes available.

How will the Individualized Education Plan process work for distance learning?

If needed, an IEP amendment or IEP meeting will be held to determine goals, accommodations/ modifications, accessibility, and services needed through distance learning. Each student will have a special education case manager, and service providers will be assigned based upon the IEP needs of the student. A copy of the IEP will be provided to teachers who are teaching through distance learning.

How will my child’s services be accessed during distance learning?

Special education staff have been trained to use Schoology as a learning platform. Services will include direct instruction with a provider (Schoology, teletherapy, or instructional phone calls), in-direct instruction recorded by a provider, and IEP goal activities (in Schoology or in an instructional packet as determined by the IEP team).

If a student has been participating in a modified curriculum based upon the students IEP, will his/her curriculum continue to be modified for distance learning?

Yes, students who qualify for a modified curriculum will continue to receive a modified curriculum while participating in distance learning.

Will Adapted Physical Education (APE) services be offered for in-person and distance learning?

Yes. For students who participate in in-person learning, APE will engage in physical activities that allow
for social distancing. For students who participate in distance learning, APE activities will provided as

Will any changes need to be made to my child’s IEP if in-person is chosen?

Yes. The Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) has created a new Form G to be completed on all in-person learners. Form G outlines a plan for your child if an unplanned school closure occurs, such as snows days or pandemic closures. Your student’s case manager will contact you to either conduct an IEP amendment or conduct an IEP meeting.

Will IEP programs focusing upon community-based instruction and working in the community continue to be offered?

The Special Services department is considering alternatives for meeting student transition needs that would not include going into the community in order to limit exposure and as safety precautions of the general public cannot be guaranteed.

How will 504 plans be implemented through distance learning?

Your student’s 504 coordinator will contact you to discuss if any changes are needed to the 504 Plan for distance learning. If needed, a 504 meeting will be held to determine accommodations/modifications, accessibility, and services needed through distance learning. A copy of the 504 Plan will be provided teachers who are teaching through distance learning for implementation.

Will any changes need to be made to my child’s 504 Plan if in-person is chosen?

Maybe. If your child’s 504 Plan includes accommodations that may no longer be appropriate in light of the situation, such as student resting in the clinic, then a 504 amendment or a 504 meeting will be held.

Can students with IEPs or 504 plans participate in BSSD Distance Learning?

Yes, students with IEPS or 504 plans can participate in either BSSD Distance Learning or in-person school.

How will related services (i.e., speech, language, occupational therapy, physical therapy, counseling, etc.) be provided to qualifying students who choose distance learning?

A students IEP team or 504 team (which includes parents) will determine if the student will participate in teletherapy, computer activities, or pen/paper activities depending upon a student’s unique needs.

Will there be exemptions for children with disabilities in regards to wearing a mask?

During this public health crisis, there will be no blanket mask exemptions for all students with disabilities when the district mandates mask (cloth face covering or surgical mask) use.

Students who cannot wear cloth face covering have the following characteristics according to the CDC: trouble breathing, unconsciousness, incapacitation, or inability to remove cloth face covering without assistance. These students will not wear a mask at school but will have identified accommodations.

Students who have difficulty wearing a cloth face covering appropriately and consistently according to the CDC include: young students in early childhood or primary elementary school, students with severe asthma or other breathing difficulty, and/or students with special educational or healthcare needs such as intellectual disabilities, mental health conditions, and sensory concerns or tactile sensitivity. Students in this category will wear a mask with accommodations and may have instruction on mask tolerance as appropriate.

Decisions on whether accommodations are needed for a cloth face covering requirement will be made on an individual basis and decided by school-based teams in consultation with any health professionals involved with the student. School-based teams may include 504 team and IEP team.

Who can I contact to discuss my child’s IEP and 504 needs further?

Contact your child’s school for specific discussions regarding your student.