•           The W.E.E. Learning Bus

         Driving Education Home   

  • Welcome Aboard the W.E.E. Learning Bus 

    The W.E.E. Learning Bus is a Blue Springs School District resource designed to strengthen the relationships between the district and the BSSD Families within. It is a roaming computer lab bringing education to the community. Inside the once 76-passenger school bus is a travelling classroom equipped with 20 computer stations. The bus can be used for homework, learning games, test preparation, job search, and much more. It comes equipped with a ramp and is handicapped accessible.  The bus is also a WiFi Hot Spot allowing internet access to those in the area where the bus is parked. On board the bus is a Certified Teacher as well as a host of qualified volunteers ready to assist students and families with whatever they may need.  In addition, the bus is a safe, fun place to learn and play. Check the calendar link for a current schedule of events and like us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/WEELearningBus for the most current news and information.
  •  Who W.E.E. Are

    The W.E.E. Learning Bus is provided for the Blue Springs School District through the Blue Springs Education Foundation.Women Endowing Education (W.E.E.) is a group within the Blue Springs Education Foundation comprised of philanthropic women who have contributed their resources to funding and implementing the W.E.E. Learning Bus Program. Their ongoing support and contributions keep the program running smoothly. 



  •  The W.E.E. Learning Bus is as busy as ever, making regular stops in and around Blue Springs.  Whenever you need help with homework, tutoring or access to the internet come aboard the W.E.E. Learning Bus.    

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       THE GAMES W.E.E. PLAY!!!! 

    Onboard the W.E.E. Learning Bus participants play many fun learning games. New games are added often. You can access the W.E.E. Learning Bus collection of games from any computer. Click here to access our Symbaloo page. 



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