•  2018 BSSD No Tax Rate Increase Bond and No Tax Rate Increase Levy Fund Transfer













    Issues addressed in the Levy will be: Freshmen Center New Teacher


    • Reduce class sizes
    • Hire new staff to replace those lost due to budget reductions
    • Increase staff salaries to recruit and retain the best staff
    • All 9-12 grade students receive a personal computer

    Issues addressed in the Bond will be:

    • Increase safety/security in our facilities
    • Add and improve instructional space
    • Address enrollment growth in specific areas
    • Complete maintenance projects needed

    Safety EnhancementsDPS Safety

    • Exterior Glass
    • Interior Glass
    • Additional Door Access Points
    • Additional Urgent Notification Buttons
    • Exterior Led Lighting Upgrade
    • Universal Door Security/Hardware
    • Visitor Management System
    • Camera and Surveillance Expansion


    High School Projects 

    Blue Springs High School

     Golden Regiment Performance  

    • Enclosing campus between the LA and PA buildings
    • Building a new Library/Media Center
    • Adding a new band classroom
    • Outdoor activity spaces will be upgraded with all-weather surfaces
    • Updates to the Performing Arts Center
    • The addition of a third gym


    Blue Springs South High School 

    BSSHS Teacher of the Year

    • Building a Freshman Wing to house all BSSHS freshmen
    • Adding a black box/small theater to be used for performances, rehearsals and professional development
    • Outdoor activity spaces will be added and upgraded with all-weather surfaces 
    • Updates to the Performing Arts Center
    • The addition of a third gym


    Elementary School Projects

    Multipurpose SpaceDaniel Young Gymnasium

    Three elementary schools do not have a multipurpose room. These rooms will be built to withstand an EF5 tornado.

    • William Bryant Elementary 
    • Daniel Young Elementary
    • William Yates Elementary


    Additional Restrooms

    • Lucy Franklin Elementary
    • William Bryant Elementary


    Library Enclosures

    • William Bryant Elementary
    • Lucy Franklin Elementary
    • Franklin Smith Elementary
    • Sunny Pointe Elementary
    • Voy Spears Jr. Elementary


    Kitchen Improvements

    Some kitchen improvements may include: expansion of kitchen area, additional walk-in coolers and freezers, upgrade cooking appliances, increase prep space, and allow for better student traffic.

    • Daniel Young Elementary
    • William Bryant Elementary
    • William Yates Elementary


    Classroom Additions Kindergarten Classroom

    • Moreland Ridge Middle School
    • Chapel Lakes Elementary
    • John Nowlin Elementary
    • Lucy Franklin Elementary
    • Thomas Ultican Elementary


    On August 7, the Blue Springs School District will have two ballot measures:

    1. No Tax Rate Increase Bond Issue
    2. No Tax Rate Increase Levy Fund Transfer

    For more information: