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BSSHS "Live the Legacy"

  • 2016-17 School Theme: "Live the Legacy" 
    Legacy, as defined by Merriam Webster, is something transmitted by or received from an ancestor or predecessor or from the past.
    Legacy is not bound by time, but transcends it. It is not a finished product, not a goal, not a destination but legacy lives on.
    Legacy moves us forward, challenges us to be better, touches the lives of those around us! Legacy is students, teachers, parents, classmates, friends, children, arch-rivals, co-workers, colleagues, and total strangers!  It is all of those that will inherit the story that we leave behind!
    SO THE CHOICE IS YOURS, AND MINE! What story will your name leave behind? What story will South’s name leave behind?
                               What LEGACY are you living? What LEGACY is Blue Springs South living?