BSHS Counselors
  • Missouri Comprehensive School Counseling Program:

    The Four Components


    Guidance Curriculum


    Individual Planning


    Responsive Services


    System Support


     Counselor’s Role:       

    Provide guidance content that develops student life skills and awareness.


    Counselor’s Role:

    Assist students in planning, monitoring and managing their personal, academic, and career development.


    Counselor’s Role: 

    Address the immediate needs and concerns of students through prevention, intervention, and referral.

    Counselor’s Role:

    Provide support in program, staff, and school activities and services.



    -Curriculum Fair

    -College and Career Fair

    -Grade Level Presentations

    -Career Interest Inventories

    -Signs of Suicide Program

    -Test Taking Skills/ACT Prep

    -Lunch With A Professional




    -Individual College & Career Plan

    -Providing Scholarship Opportunities

    -Financial Aide Night

    -College & Military Visits




    -Grief & Loss

    -Dropout Prevention

    -Peer Mediation

    -Stress & Anxiety

    -Family concerns

    -Coping Skills




    -Department Meetings

    -Participation in Advisory Committees

    -Supervising Wildcat Hour

    -Professional Development

    -Community Outreach