Welcome, Dolphins and Cougars!!

  • Welcome to our library webpage! 

    Cindy Kranz and Rita Lampen work in the libraries at Cordill-Mason and Daniel Young Elementary Schools.  Our website has the library schedule for each school and information about how to get in touch with us.  You will also find a list of some websites we recommend that support reading and learning.  You can find the form for Adopt-A-Book Club, a fundraising endeavor to bring more books into our libraries.  (Yea!!  More books!!)  Additionally, Mrs. Lampen has a page listing some of the books she has read (both kid books and books for adults) and thoughts about each.  Do with that info what you will.

    We understand that life happens and that sometimes books are lost or damaged during their time with our little people.  If you choose to pay for a lost or damaged book through RevTrak, please send an email to one of us with a screenshot showing the payment.  That is the fastest way for us to get payments made through RevTrak recorded and to get kiddos checking books out again.  :)

    Thanks for visiting our webpage!  We'll see you soon in the library!!