Student Activities Calendar 2017-2018
    Football (8th grade)
    First Practice: 8/16/17, 3:15 PM
    Parent Meeting: 8/7/17, Main Gym, 7:00 PM
    Equipment Checkout:  8/16/17 
    Head Coach:  Justin Zimmerman,  jzimmerman@bssd.net
    Volleyball (8th grade)
    Open Gym: 8/14 & 8/15, Main Gym, 3:00-5:00 PM
    Try-outs:  8/16,17,18, Main Gym,  3:15-5:00 PM
    Parent Meeting 8/21/17, 5:00 PM
    Head Coach:  Matt Abele, mabele1@bssd.net
    Cross Country (7th & 8th Grade Boys & Girls)
    First Practice: 8/16/17 6:15 AM
    Parent Meeting: 8/7/17, 6:30 PM
    Girls Head Coach:  Matt Hackett, mhackett@bssd.net
    Boys Head Coach:  Howard Ward, hward@bssd.net

    Intramural Cheerleading
    Sponsor:  Diane Koeninger, dkoeninger@bssd.net

    Fellowship of Christian Athletes

    Yearlong beginning in September
    Thursday Mornings at 7:30 AM
    Sponsor:  Matt Hackett, mhackett@bssd.net
    Intramural Flag Football

    Fall, TBA
    Sponsor:  Officer Russell Berry, rberry@bssd.ent

    Honor Choir (Audition Group)
    M & W @ 7:30 a.m. September - May
    Auditions are held in the Spring
    Head Coach:  Tyler Parrish, tparrish@bssd.net
    School Play (Audition Group)
    Auditions:  TBA
     Head Coach:  Josh Turk (jturk@bssd.net)
    Science Club
    Sponsor:  Jennifer Rohner (jrohner@bssd.net)
    Show Choir (Audition Group) 
    Friday's at 7:30 a.m. all year long
    Head Coach: Tyler Parrish, tparrish@bssd.net
    Sign Club (Sign Language)
    Sign Language Club will run Tuesdays after school  3:15-4:15 from September 22 until December 15th and February 2, until April 29th.
    Sponsor:  Lisa Hecht  (lhecht@bssd.net)

    Yearbook (by application)

    Mid-September to Mid-March
    Sponsor:  Kelly Knudsen (kknudsen@bssd.net)
    Gator Vision (7th & 8th Grade by application)
     Sponsor:  Lisa Hecht (lhecht@bssd.net)

    Basketball (Boys & Girls)
    Tryouts: October 30, 2017
    Head Coach Boys:  Chris Greene (cgreene@bssd.net)
    Head Coach Girls:  James Norman (jnorman@bssd.net)
    Schedule:  Boys & Girls Basketball Schedule 17/18

    Scholar Bowl (7th & 8th Grade)

    December - March
    Head Coach:  Jim Burgess (jburgess@bssd.net)
    Forensics (7th & 8th Grade)
    December thru April
    Head Coach:  Josh Turk (jturk@bssd.net)
    Intramural Basketball
    Begins February
     Sponsor:  TBA

    Intramural Wrestling
    Sponsor:  TBA

    Intramural Soccer

    Late February through March
    Sponsor:  Tara Ely (tely@bssd.net)
    Track (Boys & Girls)
    8th Grade
    Spring, TBA
    Head Coach Boys:  Kendall Koch (kkoch@bssd.net)
    Head Coach Girls:  Matt Hackett (mhackett@bssd.net)
    Intramural Volleyball

    Start date: Feb. 29
    Sponsor:  Matt Abele (mabele1@bssd.net)

    Intramural Fly Fishing
    Tuesday 3:15-4:15
    Start Date TBA
    Sponsor:  Tyler Dykes (tdykes@bssd.net)

    Intramural Strength, Fitness, & Weight Training
    Sponsor:  Kendall Koch (kkoch@bssd.net)

    Honors Orchestra
    (audition group, auditions beginning on 9/23)
    Wednesdays 4:00-5:00 at Paul Kinder Middle School
    Sponsor:  Amanda Laws (alaws2@bssd.net)

    Pops Orchestra
    (non-addition group)
    Thursdays TBA
    Sponsor:  Amanda Laws (alaws2@bssd.net)


    Applied Science & Technology
    Brendan Riggs (briggs@bssd.net)
    Karen Kraus (kkraus@bssd)

Activities, Clubs, and Athletics Information

  • Delta Woods Athletics

    Sports Physicals
    All incoming 8th graders wanting to participate or tryout for a sport for the 2017-2018 school year, or incoming 7th graders wanting to run cross country must have a current physical.  All physicals must be uploaded throught the Privit website.  Information below.

    Physical Form is here:  Physical Form


    All students participating in school athletics are required to have a current physical and upload the form through the Privit website.  The website for DWMS is https:/dwgators-mo.e-ppe.com or Privit Link.
    For a printable copy of Privit Info, hit the link Privit Copy


    For updated 2017-2018  information on sports, events and try-out dates,  follow the links: Info for Athletics

    Sports Schedules 2017-18 2017-18 Sports Schedules

    Boys & Girls Basketball Schedule:  Gator Basketball Schedule 17-18

    Delta Woods Clubs/Organizations Information
    For updated 2017-2018 Clubs and Organization information, follow the link:  Clubs Info 2017-18
    Delta Woods Activities
    For updated 2017-2018 Activities Information, follow the link: Activities 2017-18

    DELTA WOODS SPIRIT WEAR 2017-18:  Gator Spirit Wear 2017-18


    Intramural Wrestling!  Intramural Wrestling will begin run from November 8th-November 29th. 

    For more information, see this link: IM Wrestling Permission & Info . Permission slips are also available through Mr. Abele or the front office.  You can also contact our sponsor,  Mr. Abele, at mabele1@bssd.net.  Student will be required to have a current physical in order to participate.