• Vision Statement

    To promote student achievement through the enhancement of innovative services and to become a model educational center

    Purpose Statement

    We believe in providing a caring and encouraging place to help children with diverse needs reach their potential. We will build positive relationships through education and support for families and community.

    Values Statements

    • Demonstrate acceptance by understanding that a range of developmental, social, religious, ethnic, and cultural influences has influenced each individual staff member, student, and family.
    • Demonstrate and uphold the highest standards of confidentiality. 
    • LTEC recognizes every adult at LTEC is a teacher and influences the education of children.
    • Demonstrate the positive values, attitudes, and behavior we teach and expect from our students; treat others as you would like to be treated.
    • Have high expectations of children and staff members to ensure students achieve their full educational potential.
    • LTEC recognizes that professionalism involves hard work and teamwork towards common goals.
    • Communicate effectively with colleagues, parents and caregivers, conveying timely and relevant information about student progress and well-being.
    • Every staff member is expected to be well organized, prepared, and punctual.
    • Staff members are expected to be attentive and responsive listeners

    • LTEC is committed to collaboration by fostering a creative and constructively critical approach towards problem solving and needed improvements between fellow staff members and administration.
    • Recognize contributions colleagues, parents and caregivers make to the well-being of children.
    • Staff members will demonstrate flexibility by adjusting personal agendas to assist in teamwork.
    • LTEC exists to provide a caring and supportive environment that will help children with special needs reach their greatest potential.
    • Support and encouragement will be shown for all children and families engaged in educational programs at LTEC and for staff members dealing with difficult situations at school.
    • Staff members will be open to suggestions and willing to act on suggestions that may produce positive results for children and families.