Ms. Karmen Trueblood

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Ms. Karmen Trueblood

I have taught in the Blue Springs School for 18 years. All my years of teaching have been at James Lewis Elementary. Most of my years have been teaching third grade.  However I have taught fourth and fifth grade students as well.

I have two boys Jake and Jackson.  Jake is now 7th grader at Britanny Hill Middle School.  JLE prepared him well for this transition both socially and academically.  Jackson is a 4th grader at James Lewis.  He is working hard with the support of teachers and is celebrating the results of committment to fluency reading each night.  Both of my boys make me proud and I am grateful for the network of Blue Springs teachers, administrators, coaches, and parents that ralley around the needs of all of our children.

A school year is a time for myself, students, and parents to learn and grow.  Working together creates a very strong team.  I am passionate about inspiring children to take pride in thier journey.  Whether it be strengths or struggles we all have a uniqueness that can be channeled in constructive ways.  I strive to create a classroom family where we are safe to be explore ourselves and appreciate that mistakes are a expected as part of our learning journey.



My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive:

and to do so with some passion, some compassion,

some humor and some style.

Dr. Maya Angelou