Mr. James Lanoue

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Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor of Science in Marketing Master of Arts in Teaching Certifications: Business 5-12, Social Science 5-9 Plan Time: 1:09 to 1:55

Mr. James Lanoue

Computer Applications
I teach 3 courses: Intro To Computer Apps, Real World Computer Applications, and Interactive Computer Technology:
INTRO TO COMPUTER APPS (Course #6695) In this 9-week course students will explore the world of computer applications. Students will be taken on a journey that starts with an introduction to touch-typing and ends with the basic knowledge needed to successfully navigate the ever-changing world of computer science. During the journey students will learn the basic skills needed to navigate a computer, efficiently utilize the internet, and operate programs such as Microsoft Word, and Microsoft PowerPoint, and Microsoft Excel. This will be done through daily discussions, examination of digital documents, and application of the knowledge gained throughout the course.
REAL WORLD COMPUTER APPLICATIONS (7th & 8th) (Course #7805) Real World Computer Applications puts the student in the driver’s seat. During this semester long course students will learn software skills which will be applied during the completion of a real-world business simulation. Students will learn how to use presentation software, word processing software, graphic editing software, and spreadsheet software to complete projects. The student will apply decision-making skills that will pertain to daily real-world projects in order to maintain a successful business. If you are interested in learning real world skills that will be applied to everyday life then this is the vehicle for you!
INTERACTIVE COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY (7th & 8th) (Course #7809) Interactive Computer Technology opens the portal to computer science. As time passes, technology continues to integrate itself into everyday life. Students will walk away from this class with a better understanding of how to effectively interact with technology, an awareness of how to be a responsible user of technology, and knowledge of the language that goes into making some of today’s hottest technology function. Throughout the course, students will be interacting with various technologies and gaining real-world skills that will make them valuable members of the digital world. Students who want to be part of the next wave of individuals who create and design the technology that inspires the next generation will enjoy this class!
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