Mr. Koch



Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Koch

Mr. Koch graduated from Central Missouri State University with a dual certification in mathematics and physical education.  This year will be his 23rd year in the Blue Springs R-IV School District.  Mr. Koch spends his spring afternoons coaching track.  The best time to reach Mr. Koch is between the hours of 2:30 and 3:00 pm.  The best way to reach Mr. Koch is via e-mail.


 I.  General Overview

       A.  Reflection of previous day

               1.  Grade homework

               2.  Solve requested problems on the board with explanation

       B.  Introducing new material

               1.  Definitions, terms, postulates, theorems

               2.  Examples

               3.  Class discussion (Ask Questions!)

               4.  Group work


II.  Class Preparation

         A.  Math notebook

               1.  Notebook should include notes, homework, and quizzes.

               2.  Class notes include definitions, rules, examples, etc.

               3.  An organized and neat notebook is a great study guide for                     exams.

       B.  Assignments

               1.  Assignments should stay in notebook.

               2.  Assignments must show procedure, as well as answer.

               3.  Assignments should be done religiously, honestly,                                   and neatly.

 III.  Evaluation

         A  Grades will be composite of assignments, homework                               assessments (quizzes), and exams.

         B.  Assignments are graded upon completion.

         C.  A homework assessment will usually follow assignments                      to check comprehension.

         D.  Exams will be announced in advance with a prior review.

 IV.  Some Final Positive Suggestions

         A.  Participate in classroom discussion daily.

         B.  Ask questions.

         C.  Get extra help in the mornings, if needed.

         D.  Do all assignments.

         E.    Develop good listening and note-taking techniques.

         F.    Be organized.

Please view "Algebra I" or "Pre-Algebra" for syllabus with more information.