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    Hello! If this is your first time to this page, allow me to introduce myself! My name is Ms. Frey! If your last name starts with the letter "N" through the letters "Sn," I am your school counselor! Whether you are struggling through rigorous courses, exploring ways to become more involved in school, or just trying to make it through a tough day, I am happy to help!

    My educational background includes: an Educational Specialist in School Administration from Northwest Missouri State University, a Master of Science in School Counseling from Kansas State University, and a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education from Avila College. Aside from BSHS, I have been a school counselor at the former BSSD Freshman Center and Paul Kinder Middle School (formerly Sunny Vale Middle School). I also taught elementary students in the Park Hill School District and in Avondale, Arizona. In addition, I have two daughters of my own! Watching students learn and grow into amazing young men and women is such a joy for me! 

    Blue Springs High School offers an abundance of courses and activities to fit all your interests and needs! So, I encourage you to get involved! Studies show that students who get involved in school activities are happier. They feel a sense of belonging while contributing to the benefit of the greater school community. Plus, it doesn't hurt to add a few things to that resume you'll be developing soon! 
    Stretch yourself! While you are getting involved in school functions, challenge yourself to take at least one hard class--try a subject you love!

    If you ever get "stuck" on any issue, want to share some exciting news, or have a fabulous idea, please come down to Counseling and see me! 


    Mind Growth  
Ms. Frey