• Mission Statement

    The mission of the school is to empower the Blue Springs South High School faculty and staff, in cooperation with parents and community, to significantly increase the performance capability for our students to become creative critical thinkers in order to achieve mastery of established objectives and to promote individual student accountability and the social skills necessary to become contributing members of society through a cooperative and collaborative learning environment.

    • Improve Vocational Enrollment and Course Offerings
    • Increase Persistence to Graduation
    • Improve Student Achievement Rates
    • Improve Attendance 
    • Improve the Reading Level of All Students.
  • Our Team
    Dr. Charles Belt - Principal
    Mr. Andy Mayfield - Assistant Principal (A-G)
    Mr. Doug Mattson - Associate Principal (H-O)
    Mr. Ryan Gettings - Assistant Principal (P-Z)
    Mr. Tim Michael - Activities Director
    Mr. Jon Grice - Assistant Activities Director
    Mr. Ben Baier - A+ Coordinator
    Lisa Peterson: A - Eh
    Mary Kenady: Ei - Le
    Danielle O'Donnell: Lf-R
    Barb Legate: S - Z