• About Us
    The driving force behind Brittany Hill is its commitment to obtain highly qualified staff with a passion for teaching. Staff members concentrate on promoting a building culture whereby students can maximize their potential.
    This is accomplished by establishing positive relationships with the students, parents and surrounding community. This networking system of relationship building has resulted in a family atmosphere with the student at its center. The positive character traits of generosity, self-discipline, bravery, cooperation, orderliness, and thrift/economy are emphasized through the district-wide curriculum which gives students opportunities for character education activities as well as community service projects.
    A wide variety of clubs and extra-curricular activities promote teamwork, community service, academic achievement and personal improvement. The STARS program is used by the Brittany Hill staff to actively encourage students to get involved in school-sponsored events in an effort to involve the whole child, physically and mentally.
    The school provides a safe and orderly environment that inspires self-discipline, respect, good attendance and responsible citizenship. Open communication with parents is an important part of keeping families informed and involved in their children's education. Because middle school can be a time of tremendous change for our children, positive experiences and support are very important.
  • Our Team

    Brett Lyon- Principal
    Bryan Weyrauch- Asst. Principal
    Jill Gunlock- Asst. Principal


    James Brady
    Emily Smith