Cooking Up History

Cooking Up History
Posted on 12/21/2021
Delta Woods Middle School Kitchen Manager Eenie Drechsel

If you ask Delta Woods Middle School students and staff, they will say Kitchen Manager Joene “Eenie” Drechsel is the first to arrive, setting the tone for the entire day.

Eenie has also recently set a tone for the state of Missouri, becoming the first kitchen manager to be named President of the Missouri School Nutrition Association.

Drechsel has been with the Blue Springs School District for eight years and in that time has earned many accolades including MSNA’s Manager of the Year in 2018 and BSSD’s Employee of the Month in March of that year. BSSD Administrator of Student Wellness and Nutritional Services Brian Harris said it’s no surprise Drechsel has made her way to the top of the state’s nutritional staff.

“First and foremost, she is a great manager,” Harris said. “She gives everything she has to the kids and staff at DWMS. She also trains our future kitchen managers. As for MSNA, this is a big honor for sure and she is the first. It’s usually directors and upper administrators. She’ll give MSNA 110 percent, just like she gives to DWMS kids and staff every day.”

As MSNA President-Elect, Drechsel recently took part in planning and hosting the group’s 2021 annual conference in Kansas City. She was named the new president during the event, marking a new chapter.

“It is definitely a huge honor to be named president and it’s been a long journey,” said Drechsel, who joined the MSNA Board of Directors 10 years ago while she was at the Independence School District. “Being asked to first join the board and now to be president says a lot about the trust people had in me and in my abilities.”

Being named president will bring new responsibilities and opportunities for her, but Drechsel said none of that would be possible without the anchor her DWMS kitchen staff has provided.

“There is a lot of travel and training opportunities as president, but I wouldn’t feel comfortable doing it without knowing we have such a great team in place,” she said. “Our staff not only does a great job every day for our students, but they are the entire reason I can take part in something like the MSNA, let alone be president.”

Delta Woods Principal Damon Weatherspoon said Drechsel sharing her skills at the state and national level is a chance for more people to know what DWMS students, staff and parents already know.

“Eenie does great work and it does not come as a surprise this work is being recognized on a national scale,” he said. “Her commitment to providing access to nutrition that will fuel our students for the learning day is unmatched. Her dedication to being the first person on-site and the last to leave allows her team to nourish the kids of DWMS and for that, all of us are thankful. These factors, coupled with a sprinkle of smiles and positivity, make for a pretty fantastic person that DWMS is lucky to call our own.”