Snow Day Update

Snow Day Update
Posted on 01/14/2021
Snow Day Update

Dear BSSD Families,

As a reminder, we want to update you on how the district will be handling snow days this year. If school is canceled due to inclement weather, families will be notified that all school buildings are closed, and students will continue their education by learning from home. The Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education refers to these as AMI days or Alternative Methods of Instruction. These learning from home/AMI days will be an opportunity for independent learning. Both in-person and distance learning students will be required to complete their assigned coursework. Teachers will be available during their normal school hours. Assignments and workload will vary. Each student will be responsible for completing their assigned coursework.

Pre-K - 1st grade students brought home educational packets in October/November. These packets are to be used during a learning from home/AMI day. Specific instructions will be communicated by your child’s teacher.

2nd – 12th grade students will learn from home on snow days. There will be a few exceptions, and those students will receive educational packets. Specific instructions will be communicated by your child’s teacher.

Elementary-aged students who attend Prime Time on snow days will be expected to bring their packets or devices to Prime Time. The Prime Time staff members will assist students in completing their snow day assignments.

AMI days count as a regular school day and will not need to be made up at the end of the school year. If school is canceled, curbside feeding/pickup through School Nutritional Services will also be canceled. Your student’s teacher and school will send out more information when necessary. If you have questions, please contact your student’s teacher or school.


Blue Springs School District