Spring Semester Information

Second Semester Information
Posted on 11/06/2020
Spring Semester Information

Dear BSSD Families,

Each of you was asked to select either in-person or BSSD distance learning for every student in your household beginning the second semester/January 6. Thank you to those who have completed your selection. If you have not yet declared your student’s educational option for the second semester.

The deadline has been extended to Sunday, November 8, at 5 p.m. We want to hear from all of you, regardless of whether your student is making a change. If we do not hear from you by Sunday, we will default your student to their current educational option.

In-person learning will continue to operate daily, Monday-Friday. Masks are required, social distancing occurs whenever possible, and hand hygiene is required and reinforced. Students who opt for in-person learning will need to follow the Jackson County Health Department’s guidelines of “Can my child go to school today?” If a student has possible symptoms of COVID-19, the student will need to stay at home for ten days or present proof of a negative test or an alternate diagnosis. If a student is directly exposed at school, meaning they were identified as being less than six feet away from a positive case for more than 15 minutes, the student must quarantine for 14 days beginning the day of last exposure. More information about COVID-19 may be found on our website.

BSSD distance learning will continue for the second semester. Distance learners will be given a school-issued device if they do not already have one. Distance learners will ideally be available during the typical school day to participate in live lessons and meetings. If that is not possible, lessons will be recorded, but the distance learner may miss the opportunity to participate in live question and answer sessions. Interaction with staff will be limited to the teacher contract time during the regularly scheduled school day. Some electives may not be available for distance learners at the middle and high school level based on available teachers and scheduling. This includes all off-campus programs such as AIM, CTC, and STA. Other distance learning electives not available are Pharmacy Tech, Gaming Design, Student Senate, Creative Writing II, Ceramics I, Ceramics II, Culinary Skills II, Child Care and Guidance, Woods Manufacturing Technology, Metal Manufacturing Technology, Video Production and Broadcasting I, 3D Design, Painting I, Painting II, Graphic Design, Entrepreneurship, Microbiology, Stage Design and Theater Technology, and School-Based Enterprise.

In-person learning and BSSD Distance learning will not always mirror each other. Assignments, due dates, and workload will vary. If you have questions about in-person or distance learning for the second semester, please call your home school. Unlike the first semester, distance learners may change to in-person school and vice versa. Families/students who wish to make a change may do so based on the following dates:

• The first deadline to submit an educational change is February 1. The change will then be effective on February 9.

• The last deadline to submit an educational change is March 1. The change will then be effective on March 22.

• February 1 and March 1 are the only two opportunities to make a change to your student’s educational option of either in-person or BSSD distance learning. This allows our school staff time to prepare for shifting class sizes and meet the educational needs of all learners. Please keep in mind that not all classes are available through BSSD distance learning.

• Included in your decision will be designating your student’s transportation needs. We encourage those who can to take their student to and from school daily. If bus transportation is necessary for your family, please commit to riding the bus five days per week.

Educational Option Selection Instructions

For current students in our district, please select Forms on the left navigation menu through Parent Portal. Reminder, this function is not available through the mobile app. Select the form 1[BS] A1 – Educ/Trans Options. Please select your student’s Educational and Transportation options for January – May and click Submit. Please note that this submission is only allowed once.

If you are having issues seeing Forms within your Parent Portal, and you are using Chrome or Edge as your browser, you can submit your choices by email to: bssdpschoolparents@bssd.net. Be sure to include your student’s full name, student number, and Educational Option of In-Person or BSSD Distance Learner and Transportation Options of Yes, No - I will transport, No – my student will drive, No – Distance Learning. If you selected Yes for transportation, will your student need AM only, PM only , or AM-PM?

Thank you for your partnership in education.

Blue Springs School District