Swim Lesson Levels

Parent & Child (6 months to 3 yrs | Shrimp)

Blowing Bubbles
Submerging mouth and nose
Front/ Back floats
Roll from front and back/back to front
kick on front/back
arms and leg action front
Retrieving objects on top of the water

Preschool Aquatics (3-5 yrs | Sea Horse)

Enter the water independently
Jump in the water
bobbing (5 seconds)
Front/ Back gliding with catch
Front/ Back floating with assistance
Combined arm and leg on back/ front assistance
Roll front to back/ back to front with assistance
Kick board with assistance

Level 1: Intro to Water Skills (5-7 yrs | Starfish)

Enter/ exit independently
Jump in independently
Bob 10 times
Float on back independently (5 seconds)
Float on front (5 seconds)
Combined arm and leg action on front independently
Combined arm and leg action on back assisted
Roll from front to back/ back to front
Use ladder/ steps independently
Front/ Back glide into floats
Tread independently (10 seconds)
Use kick board independently

Level 2: Fundamental Aquatic Skills (7-10 yrs | Guppy)

Jumping in deep water independently
Bob 10 times in deep water
Front / Back Floating independently (10 seconds)
Front/ Back action independently
Elementary backstroke independently
Front/ Back glides into action
Retrieve objects from the bottom of the pool, Tread for 20-30 seconds

Level 3: Stroke Development (10-13 yrs | Flipper)

Jumping in deep water off the diving board
Sitting/ Kneeling dives
Rotary breathing
Front Crawl
Flutter Kick
Dolphin kick
Breaststroke Kick
Treading water for 1 minute
Changer position from vertical to horizontal and back

Level 4: Endurance Training (10+ | Seal)

25 yd. free style
25 yd. backstroke
15 yd. butterfly
Standing dives
Open turns all strokes
Tread for 3 minutes
Flutter kick on back
Dolphin kick with board 25 yd.
Breaststroke kick with kick board 25 yd.

Level 5: Stroke Refinement (12+ | Sailfish)

Standing dive into swim, 5 strokes of half way
Flip turns (free/back)
Breast and fly turns
Tread 4 minutes
Free style 50 yd.
Backstroke 25 yd.
Breaststroke 25 yd.
Butterfly 25 yd.
250 continuous swim any stroke

Level 6: Swimming & Skill Proficiency (13+ | Barracuda)

Endurance and form
Perfecting strokes
Freestyle 100 yd. with flip turn
Backstroke 50 yd. with flip turn
Breaststroke 50 yd. with turn
Butterfly 50 yd. with turn
5 minute tread
500 yd. continuous swim any stroke

Adult Swimming Lessons

Intro/Practice Freestyle
Intro/Practice Backstroke
Intro/Practice Breastroke
Intro/Practice Butterfly
Intro/Practice Elementary Backstroke
Intro/Practice Sidestroke
Learn to enjoy swimming
not to be intimidated
Be safe in the water
To know you can learn to swim at any age.