Superintendent Letter

A Letter from our Superintendent
Posted on 06/09/2020
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To our Black Students, Families and Staff,

As a district, we recognize and take responsibility for the harm that has occurred in our schools. We know that our apology is not enough.

That is why we are taking action. We are reviewing and changing policies, addressing teachers with violations, creating an anti-racism campaign, and so much more.

Earlier this school year, we established a Diversity Committee among our staff, and this group is focused on staff mentoring, professional development, social-emotional support, recruitment and hiring, and growing our own diverse staff.

The district is putting in place a Review and Action Committee to address racial issues that occur in our schools. This group will investigate complaints and determine actions and resolutions for students and staff that experience racism. The district has established a Board Policy and Review Committee to examine current policy and recommend changes and additions to support our diverse students and staff. In addition, the Curriculum Equity Committee will begin the process of examining resources, courses and opportunities for improvement.

Over the coming weeks, we will be meeting and developing an action plan that will be ready by the fall of 2020. This will guide us as we create a systemic strategic plan for addressing racism in our schools over the 2020-2021 school year and beyond.

While it should not have taken this long for change to happen, we want our Black students and staff to know that your stories are heard. We will stand with you now, and we will continue to critically evaluate the best ways to create change.

Black Lives Matter

This message was approved and fully supported by the Blue Springs School District Board of Education, Superintendent Paul Kinder and Superintendent -Elect Bob Jerome.