Granting Academic Dreams

Granting Academic Wishes
Posted on 01/23/2020
Blue Springs Education Foundation Prize Patrol Grant Awards

The Blue Springs Education Foundation visited classrooms and surprised teachers and students with classroom grants. The BSEF awarded 28 grants totaling $47,930.41.

Blue Springs High School
From Farm to Fork-BSHS Garden Lab, Morgan Payton, $1,500
*Sponsored by the Duvall Family

Real Care Baby, Brooke Kendall, $791.45

Enhancing Blue Springs High School Photography Department, Jennifer
Kramer, $3,599.92

TI-84 Plus CE for the High School Math Classroom, David Tichacek, $3,972
*Sponsored by JE Dunn Construction

TI-84 Plus CE and SmartView for Algebra, Ashley Walls, $4,071
*Sponsored by JE Dunn Construction

Blue Springs South High School
Empowering Students Through Genre Exploration, Megan Montgomery, $800

Blue Springs High School Freshman Campus
Suspending Disbelief, Andrew Enlow, $2,299.94
*Sponsored by Oswald Roam & Rew LLC

Valley View High School
You Spin Me Right Round on a Potter’s Wheel!, Ellen Forester, $4,302
*Sponsored by the Duvall Family

Brittany Hill Middle School
Digital Media Experience, Leigh Anne Andreasen, $5,000
*Sponsored by JE Dunn Construction

Introducing Programming and Robotics with Lego Mindstorms, Bill Bishop, $4,119.50
*Sponsored by Tandem Paving
Paul Kinder Middle School
Tripods for GTV, Katie Okenquist, $806.16
*Sponsored by the Duvall Family

Reading and Literacy in Spanish, Heather Wells, $500

Chapel Lakes Elementary
Osmo Learning, Heather Horton, $1,890
*Sponsored by Meyer Music

Cordill-Mason Elementary
SENSEsational Learning, Anna Ramos, $3,467
*Sponsored by Major Saver

Daniel Young Elementary
Stretching our Brains with STEM, Janessa Generally and Rebecca Farmer, $335.54

James Lewis Elementary
Calming Cassroom Community, Dana Hicks, $555

Green Time in Kindergarten, Becky Gempler & Kindergarten/EC Team, $1,729.84
*Sponsored by Joe and Sarah Kinder

James Walker Elementary
Reading Rocks in Pathways Stations, Kari Hartstack, $453
*Sponsored by Major Saver

Step up to STEM Learning, Heather Brown, $720
*Sponsored by Lyle and Grace Shaver

John Nowlin Elementary
Engagement Table, Jessica Schibi, $368.03

Liggett Trail Education Center
Action Avenue, Lori Raines and Stephanie Owings, $3,127
*Sponsored by Major Saver

Sunny Pointe Elementary
Using Tier 2 & 3 PBS Interventions to Support the Success of all Students, Allison Spencer, $5,000
*Sponsored by the Duvall Family

Puma Patrol Club, Marlaine Boyd, $350
*Sponsored by Julius and Jill Oswald

Thomas Ultican Elementary
Branching Out with Books, Adriana Marble, $1,800.29
*Sponsored by Major Saver

Achieving Success in Writer’s Workshop, Callie Anderson, $560.17
*Sponsored by Major Saver

ORFF Xylophones, Loriana Eggemeyer, $1,569.96
*Sponsored by Meyer Music

William Bryant Elementary
Classroom Calm Down Kits, Stacy Scalfaro, $700
*Sponsored by Major Saver

Building our Second Grade Engineers, Brittni Johnson, $700
*Sponsored by Major Saver

William Yates Elementary
Superflex: A Superhero Social Thinking Curriculum, Elise Wunderlich, $80.98