K-9 Team

K9 Officers


The Department of Public Safety canine unit consists of two police officers and their canine partners. The officers and canines assist in the detection and location of dangerous items and persons on school district property. The canine unit closely supports school administration in providing a safe and secure learning environment free from drugs and other dangerous activity by conducting random sweeps of district properties. The canine unit also conducts demonstrations for school presentations and assemblies as well as outreach to community groups interested in learning more about the capabilities of our two canines.  To request a demonstration or for more information please contact [email protected] or [email protected].  The BSSD canine teams conduct ongoing training to hone their skills with other canine professionals and are certified annually through a national certification association. 

Meet Juno




 K9 Ado is a three year old sable German shepherd certified detection canine.  K9 Ado is assigned to DPS Officer Berry and patrols the Blue Springs School District to ensure a safe environment for all students and staff.  K9 Ado became a member of the Department of Public Safety at a June 2018 swearing in ceremony.  K9 Ado arrived from Poland in December of 2017 to begin formal police training.  K9 Ado likes to work and play fetch with his rubber ball.  He also likes to greet students while on patrol and put a smile on their face as he goes about his mission. 





K9 Juno is a three year old bi color German shepherd certified through the North American Police Working Dog Association.  K9 Juno is assigned to DPS Officer Liles and is always on patrol ensuring a safe learning environment for our school community.  During a June 2018 swearing in ceremony K9 Juno became a member of the Department of Public Safety.  K9 Juno displays a strong drive and desire to work to keep our students safe.  K9 Juno likes to play nonstop with her rubber ball reward and is always friendly to students and staff as she goes about her job of sniffing out potential danger on school district property. 

Meet Ado