Course Book Policies

Planning and Policies

  • Students are encouraged to use this Career & Educational Planning Guide to carefully create an Individual Career and Academic Plan that will assist them in reaching their educational and occupational goals. We suggest that you:

    • Review all requirements for graduation
    • Read the information on career paths
    • Read all information given about each course
    • Complete a Personal Plan of Study

    Online Course Book

    Please see the counseling tab on your school’s website and look for the link marked “College and Career Planning Guide”.


    It is the practice of the high schools to apply a deadline to drop or withdraw from a course.  Courses dropped after the 1st 6-weeks of the semester will have an “F” noted on the transcript as a result of not completing the course.  Please speak to your student’s counselor for more details.

    Dual Credit Courses – Please note that students taking a dual credit course through one of our cooperative post-secondary institutions must follow that institutions drop/withdraw policy to avoid fees or other repercussions.  The district is bound to the dates set by the university.