• 4th Grade Coping Skills & Anxiety


    1. Choose one of these videos to watch:


        take your yoga to a quiet, comfortable place in the room and sit up straight



        Muscle Relaxation

       choose a chair at a desk or a table



    2. Choose one of these music channels to listen to.

     Work on your Anxiety Brain/Calm Brain drawing activity while you listen.

    • Get the Anxiety Brain/Calm Brain worksheet
    • Inside the "Anxiety Brain" draw or write your worries & how they make you feel.
    • Inside the "Calm Brain" draw or write the things that help relax your mind & body.


      Calming Instrumental Music



        Nature Sounds



    3. If you have time left, you may choose to watch or re-watch any of the videos on this page. 


        Maya Angelou - Life Doesn't Frighten Me (Poem)



        Breathing Exercise