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  •  Beth Reed

    Meet Beth Reed


    Math Teacher

    What college did you graduate from with your teaching degree? 

    I graduated from CMSU in 2003 and earned my Masters from Baker University in 2006. 

    What is a memory you have from your middle school days? 

    I have lots of memories from middle school. Some of my favorites are not from inside the classroom, but from activities at school, like the school dances. We did not have mixers, we actually had where you would show back up at school a few times a year in the evening. We had so much fun prior to the dance getting ready with friends— we wanted to look nice, but not too nice like we were trying. Perfectly tight rolled pants and making sure we each had big bangs were important then. We would spend the evening dancing with our friends, listening to awesome music (New Kids on the Block, Salt ‘N’ Pepa, Beastie Boys, and Coolio were some of our favorites), and we’d take dance breaks to eat popcorn and nachos. I remember having so much fun on these evenings and we would look forward to them for weeks. 

    Was there a teacher in your life that made a difference?  If so, who? 

    I grew up in Excelsior Springs and had many memorable teachers. Mr. Halferty was my 7th grade math teacher. I remember him being very quiet spoken, very structured, yet very fair. I remember him talking to me after school several times about my potential, how much he believed in me, and if I continued to  work hard he saw great things for me. Mr. Halferty would send me home with extra challenge problems several times a week. I remember feeling like he really cared about all of us. In his class, we also played the Stock Market game and I was so disappointed when my group lost. In high school, Mr. Griffin was my freshman Algebra 2 teacher. He was so funny and so much fun, but we knew we had to pay attention and be on guard the entire class or we’d have an eraser come flying in our direction, smacking us! He would always call me Kathy in class, since he also had my mom. He had very high expectations and told us we would meet them, even if we were staying after school with him so we could prove to ourselves we could do it. He was always so positive to every kid, even if he was throwing  erasers and chalk at us! Mademoiselle Hoelle was my French teacher from 10-12 grade. Her class was so hands-on and fun. We made children’s books, ate awesome food, and I don’t think we ever saw her without a big smile. 

    What makes you smile about Brittany Hill Middle School?

    In 16 years of teaching at Brittany Hill, this year has been one of my favorites. There are lots of instances that make me smile at BHMS. I thoroughly enjoy the content that I teach this year and love each of my students. When I share a funny story about work to my husband and say, “One of the kids did .... ”, I am always asked if it’s my school kids or our kids, because he knows ALL my students that walk in and out of my room everyday are MY kids. My biggest smiles come from what my kids do— from their middle school jokes to their big accomplishments to when one of my kids have been having a rough time and notice them making steady strides. My kids make me smile daily!