6th Grade Trumpet Skill Inventory
    Posture and Hand Position
    Embouchure formation and tone production
    E - articulated
    F - Flow from E
    G - Flow from E
    D - Flow from E
    C - Flow from E
    A - Flow from E, Six note scale from low C
    Valve Series from G to low C; C up to A  
    Rhythmic Combinations of whole, half, quarter notes and rests; and eighth notes in groupings of two or four.
    Tetrascale series
    Concert Bb Scale
    Chromatic scale
    Line to be tested Rationale
    17 Counting Half Rests
    21 Counting Whole Rests
    36 Playing Low A
    42 Playing 8th Notes, Cross fingering D and A
    51 Playing Dynamics
    62 Playing Dotted Half Notes

    Trumpet Class Goals 

    1. Work as a team 

    2. Have Fun Playing Music

    2. Improve skill level on the trumpet

    3. Practice as much as you need to get the job done

    4. Feel safe making mistakes and then learning from them