Welcome to the Technology Department

  • The Blue Springs Technology Department is the support structure to assist in the preparation of students for a technologically changing world. Through interactive learning, students will acquire knowledge and skills that enable them to gather, integrate, analyze and apply information and ideas across all curricular areas.

    In compliance with state and federal mandates and to assure we are effectively meeting the needs of our learners, the Blue Springs School District has developed a long-range technology plan. This plan includes both short and long term goals, the strategies for improving academic achievement and teacher effectiveness, and how education technologies will be used in meeting these goals. This plan has been approved through the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education with an exemplary rating.

  •  Director of Technology
    Dr. Brandon Martin
     Technology Staff
    Alicia Kolsem
    Administrative Assistant
    Brandon Basham
    Sr. Database Administrator
    Chris Bock
    District AV
    Brandon Bogue
    Office 365, Network Analyst
    Breck Conner
    MRMS, CME, LTEC Bldg Tech
    Ann Grace
    BSSHS, Transportation Bldg Tech
    Dontae Harris
    Server Admin, Info Sec, 
    Apple Device Mgr 
    Daniel Mandina
    DYE, FSE, JWE, WBE Bldg Tech
    Gavin Houston
    PKMS, SPE, WYE, PCC Bldg Tech
    Kathy Bartow
    BSHS Student Bldg Tech
    Mike Mayfield 
    VVHS, JNE Bldg Tech, 3D Printing
    Fred Nichelson
    DWMS, CLE, VSE Bldg Tech
    Austin McAfee
    Database Administrator
    Sean Purvis
    Network Analyst
    KC Simcic
    BHMS, JLE, LFE Bldg Tech 
    Eric Snider
    Sr. Server Administrator
    Jordan Smith
    BSSHS Student Bldg Tech
    Jordan Wheeler
    BSHS Bldg Tech