• In 2009, The Blue Springs School District was authorized by the Missouri State Legislature as the first public school district in the state to commission its own certified police officers and form its own police force. Thanks to construction made possible by the passing of the 2009 bond issue, the BSSD Department of Public Safety is housed at the Paul Consiglio Education Center. The office serves as a centralized command center for the law enforcement staff and functions as a hub for the more than 800 video cameras providing District surveillance.

    The staff is comprised of Executive Director of Public Safety Tom Phillips, assistant to Tom Phillips, Chris Kupka, and officers Jeff Jewell, Eric Gaiser, David Ladd, Stacey Weir, Russell Berry, and Scott Ramsey. The Department is in the process of adding six additional officers. The Blue Springs Police Department provides five officers assigned to various schools. BSSD officer Jeff Jewell also has a K9 officer partner, RD. The pair conducts periodic searches of buildings and parking lots and also assist other police departments and school districts during the year. Jewell and RD also conduct several informative presentations during the school year and officers also teach classes on such subjects as cyber safety, bicycle safety, bullying, drug awareness and any other related subject.

    One of the main assignments for DPS officers is to conduct residency verification investigations on all new students in the District and any student who needs to be on a residency waiver. A residency waiver is required if a family is living with another family or is living in a motel, or any number of different hardship scenarios. Each year, approximately 100 students have been discovered to not live within the District and are removed. This is a cost savings of hundreds of thousands of dollars to the District.

  • Contact Information
    Paul J. Consiglio Education Center
    1501 NW Jefferson St. Blue Springs, MO 64015
    (816) 874-3330
    Hours: 8:00 a.m. - 3:45 p.m.